Leawo PowerPoint to Video Free

by Leawo Software

Converts PowerPoints to multiple different type of video formats.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Leawo Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product will allow the user to change their PowerPoint into any type of video format that they want. This is perfect for people that need to change from one type of video format to another. It also continues to include all of the previous things that the PowerPoint had. This includes things like transitions, sound effects, etc. When you change the PowerPoint into a video, you are capable of watching it through your phone, which is perfect for people that are constantly on the go. The program also allows people to change the frame rate of the PowerPoint and to add extra background music to their PowerPoint. It really allows the mixture of video and powerpoints to become one. The program itself is very simple to use, and it does most of the work for the user, so it's perfect for anyone, a beginner user or a pro user of PowerPoint! This program works well with multiple versions of PowerPoint and it also is supported by window 8. With all the features there provided by this program, it is perfect for almost anybody!

The program itself isn't free, but there is a free trial to allow someone to see if the program is worth getting. This is perfect for someone that is debating on if the money is worth spending or not.


Allows to change PowerPoints into different videos
  • It allows Powerpoints to become video format.
  • The PowerPoints can be changed into multiple different video formats
  • The program allows the user to alter things about the PowerPoint, giving the user much more control over the PowerPoint
  • The product is simple and easy to use, the interface allows anyone from a beginner to a professional to be able to use it
  • The program works with multiple versions of Powerpoint, so the user doesn't have to have the latest version to use it.
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