An AI-powered tool for faster typing, correcting spelling and predicting text in desktop applications.

Operating system: Windows


Release : Lightkey 17.44

Antivirus check: passed

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Lightkey is a groundbreaking software that leverages artificial intelligence-powered word prediction technology to help you eradicate the sluggishness and typographical errors from your typing. It is designed to adapt to your typing habits and, over time, can predict up to 12 words, including punctuation marks, thus enhancing your speed and accuracy when writing emails and any type of documents.

In addition to word prediction, Lightkey also offers a spell-checking technology powered by AI. This technology continuously analyzes your keystrokes and provides real-time corrections for misspelled words. Lightkey even goes a step further by learning and suggesting spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary. This means the more you use Lightkey, the more accurate it becomes.

  • AI-powered: Lightkey learns your typing habits and can predict up to 12 words in advance, including punctuation marks.
  • Real-time spelling correction: Lightkey provides suggestions for misspelled words as you type.
  • Relevant terms for your professional content: Lightkey understands more than 60 prediction content domains and provides the most relevant terms based on context.
  • Native integration with MS Office and Google Chrome: Lightkey natively supports MS Office (Outlook, Word & PowerPoint) and Google Chrome applications (Gmail, WhatsAppWeb, LinkedIn Messenger, etc.). For other applications, simply activate Lightkey Anywhere.
  • Privacy respect: Lightkey never submits your content to the cloud and does not require an internet connection to operate.

By using Lightkey, you can focus on your ideas without worrying about typing mistakes. Whether it's an informal email, a blog, a legal document, or a research paper, Lightkey's text prediction technology allows you to maximize your productivity and creativity.

Lightkey significantly enhances typing speed and accuracy with its artificial intelligence-powered word prediction and spell-checking technology.

Lastly, Lightkey includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to track your productivity metrics. You can monitor your progress and learn more about your productivity growth over time. With Lightkey, being productive has never been so effortless and efficient.

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Minimum 4 GB of RAM
Broadband internet connection
MS Office or Google Chrome installed

Boosts typing speed with AI-powered word prediction.
Offers real-time spelling correction and personalized vocabulary suggestions.
Tracks productivity metrics via an intuitive dashboard.

Limited compatibility with certain software applications.
AI learning curve might slow initial use.
No mobile device functionality available.
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