Liquid Story Binder XE


A word processing tool for writing stories and texts

Operating system: Windows


Release: Liquid Story Binder XE 4.93

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Liquid Story Binder XE is a word processing tool that is specialized for authors composing fiction writing. It contains a suite of tools that allow the user to better organize their literature, as well as their ideas and brainstorming. The User-friendly interface includes a plethora of extras sure to create a pleasurable experience.


  • MindMapping feature allows for drawing parallel to different ideas and concepts not necessarily in the text
  • Media Organizing feature to group pictures and graphics to their designated spot.
  • Text Outlining for saving essential parts that need to be revisited
  • Typewriter feature that doesn't allow editing.
  • Universal search function, in case you forget where you put a sentence or phrase.
  • Cascading windows, to allow a broader view of the project being worked on
  • Portable design that allows for writing on the go
  • Full-screen editing mode

Liquid Story Binder XE is a shareware app that lets authors and publishers alike to create and edit writing pieces with ease, by offering a wide range of tools to the user. It was designed for the messy process of writing, by streamlining all of your ideas in one place without the feeling of being cluttered. Multitasking windows helps you work on multiple parts at one time, or facilitates referring back to the text when needed. Besides, the software has extended capabilities that assist in the process of creating stories as a whole, offering brainstorming tools that can be linked to certain parts of the text. 

Organize pictures with story text and chapters.

The app also includes quality of life aspects, such as integrating your musical playlist to the software. This way, you can set the mood for writing without even leaving your story. Using this feature in addition to the full-screen editing mood creates an immersive experience that assists in bringing out the best quality of work you desire to achieve. 

Available on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10. Free of charge for all users.

Liquid Story Binder XE is amazing software for writers of any genre. It is developed by Black Obelisk Software, a company that has done fantastic work with Liquid Story Binder XE. It includes features such as a portable text editor, word processing, cleaning and combining small documents, multimedia organizer, full screen editing, mindmapping, backing up files, and many more. It has a customizable color scheme feature that allows you to choose how you want your writing platform to look. The many useful and creative features of this software makes Liquid Story Binder XE a must-have for writers.
This product is used to organize our small documents and it combines into a single document this will helpful for those who want to save some unique documents which have some complex scenes or important details. It will also organize the photos into a gallery we can also access mp3 quickly using this software. This software is an all in one software it serves multipurpose, definitely worth a try
I’m a freelance writer for two different websites and I need to juggle a lot of different writing samples at a single venture, Liquid Binder has a beautiful user interface and workflow for working on my creative writing. I can work on blog posts while I type away at my novel and put up the concept art I’ve been working on in tandem with my story into the program itself and keep the ideas fresh in my mind.
This Liquid Story Binder XE for Windows is the best word processor I've used in my professional life. I am an author of novels and it takes into consideration all of my needs. It allows me to create, outline, and revise my work. It even has a tracking system. It makes revisions so much easier now. I don't ever lose my work. It works perfectly on my laptop too.
Great software product for creative individuals. The product meets my needs and would be helpful to me to use to create a novel or story. I could use this tool and would pay the fee to use it. Overall a high-tech design and innovative features.
Really cool program! I will be using it a lot! I love the beautiful format, it's just so eye-catching! It handles pictures well, stores files correctly, hasn't had any major issues, and it can even do story boards. I'm impressed.
This piece of shareware is small in size but functional. Liquid Story Binder XE for Windows is a portable text editor that helps me stay organized. The organization is the key to productivity when I am working. It can combine many different smaller documents into chapters. I have used it for mindmapping and journaling but really you can use it for many different things. You can write a book using it. It has a sleek interface. I just love using it.
This app is free for a 30 day trial, after that you must pay to use the app. This app is perfect for those who download a lot of MP3 files. From music to other sounds for videos, this app allows all of your MP3 files to be stored in one easy to reach place. It is downloaded into your binder as a zip file that must later be opened.
This is a free product that can be used for any windows or PC device. This is a great one especially because it is free and it is also a shareware product. There are no restrictions or limitations. There is free spell check and a thesaurus and even smart quotes. This is definitely worth downloading and checking out
Loving the Liquid Story Binder XE for Windows. A very easy program to load on my computer. I am a writer and this application program when in use, helps me to have a more up-to-date, hands-on to corrections, note taking, and even the ability to correctly group my thoughts and help me to be a more productive writer. I enjoy all aspects of the program and recommend it as a more of a modern tool in the world of writing.
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