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ZingBox Manga is a fantastic application dedicated for an easier reading experience for Manga lovers. If you've never heard of a Manga before, just think of it as a graphic novel that was made in Japan. A traditional manga is usually hundreds of pages long with very detailed illustrations. Unlike the traditional American comic, mangas can be a bit much to take in at any given time which is where ZingBox Manga comes in. Gone are the days of eye strain, searching for specific books, and flipping through hundreds of pages. If you use ZingBox Manga, you'll be able to carry your favorite books with you where ever you go.


  • Free to use
  • Discover new manga easily
  • Get recommended manga based on your reading preferences
  • Download multiple mangas at once
  • Offline mode
  • Create playlists and favorites
  • Bookmark your progress
  • Automatically download new issues of mangas you are reading

While a good reading experience is what ZingBox Manga promises. It's not the only thing that the program has to offer those who use it. One of ZingBox Manga's best features is its ability to automatically download the latest mange from the series you are reading. This feature is just awesome. I can't be the only one who hates waiting on a new release of anything. I often forget about it and don't bother with it until months later. ZingBox Manga immediately notifies me of new issues and downloads them promptly. Speaking of downloads, the application actually sports a pretty cool one-click bulk download feature. So if you have a number of  Manga that you want to read you can pretty much download them all in one go. Lastly, the view feature of the application is top notch. If you want the authentic reading experience you can opt for the paper rolling effect when you view the next page of the story. Personally, I like using landscape mode to view. There really isn't much else to tell. If you even remotely like manga then you should pick this program up as soon as you can.

Search and discover new manga via the application.

Great for those suffering eye strain. I like the automatic downloading feature of new issues. Loved the recommendations which were relevant to my interests and not just random. This really allowed me to find some great reads!!
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