Logger Lite

by Vernier Software

An intuitive tool to gather math and science data with ease

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vernier Software

Release : Logger Lite 2.2

Antivirus check: passed

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To get better data visualization and analysis, you need simple and efficient software that can examine the results for you. Logger Lite is designed to store and analyze data so you can get a deeper understanding of the content. It’s highly helpful for science and math experts as they can get assistance when calculating statistics or making reports. The smooth workspace and drag-and-drop functionality make it easier for users to arrange elements or modify them as needed.

The best thing is that you can display important information in the form of graphs and customize the data format. For instance, you can insert new elements and add tables, graphs, or text to add value to your text. Everything can be done with just a single click. The software also provides you with a real-time display so you can continuously stay updated with the changes and methodologies. It is a multipurpose software offering accurate results to anyone who has the available data.


  • A handy application to gather data from various sensors or handle information from multiple sources.
  • It thoroughly analyzes different data forms and has a friendly interface so you can view content with high clarity.
  • The workspace is neatly organized and contains customizable features to arrange elements or add new tables.
  • You can add text or graphs to get better data results and choose your desired format.
  • It provides a real-time display when connected to the computer and keeps you updated by gathering information from multiple sensors.
  • Users with different devices can access this simple software and install it on Windows, MacOS, or other compatible devices.

Organizing and analyzing data has made it much easier with Logger Lite. Its smooth display style and ability to visualize information from various sensors help you perform different data operations. Using this tool, you can investigate a wide range of data patterns and fully customize elements to get accurate results. Install it on your Windows to examine details about each data point.

Logger Lite helps you get real-time displays so you can quickly gather each data point and enhance your workflow.
Windows operating system (Windows 10 or 11 preferred)
Access to system tray for software features
Ability to adjust antivirus settings for software approval
Ability to unlock files using password

User-friendly, no installation required.
Records every keystroke and takes screenshots.
Monitors websites visited, compatible with Windows.

May trigger false positives in antivirus software.
Interface may be overly simple for advanced users.
No support for Mac or Linux operating systems.
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