Looxis Faceworx

Generate a 3D image of any face using only two photos

Operating system: Windows

Release: Looxis Faceworx 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This amazing computer software program is an easy and simple way to generate a 3D image of any beautiful face using only two photos! Simply take two different sharp, well focused, digital photos of the same individual from two different angles. Be sure to capture the front and side of the person's face, being sure to use the same amount of light in each photograph.

Soon you'll have a real, working 3D image! The resulting likeness will be sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! Change your whole life and your family's with just a few clicks of the mousepad!


This software product is better than its competitors for one simple reason - it works! Other software requires multiple photos from multiple angles, and often the software still doesn't deliver a great 3-D image.
  • Quickly make a 3D image of a face using only two photos
  • Easily upload files to the program in seconds
  • Image is quickly generated for you to use any way you desire
  • Uses a generic head model to help create the 3D image faster
  • A simple, straightforward way to create a 3D image if you aren't into graphic design software or other design programs

LOOXIS Faceworx is an amazing software application that allows anyone to create stunning and realistic 3D images, as easy as uploading photos to Facebook! If you are a beginning computer user, there are even YouTube videos available for walking you through the process of creating a model of the face - but this program is so simple to use, you won't need the videos!

The image will update in real time as you manipulate the software to create the perfect working model of a face. This small software program can even make a model using detailed drawings, instead of only photographs!

This program would also be a great tool for anyone interested in keeping a loved one's memory alive - what better way to remember someone than by looking at a real, detailed, 3D picture? What other ways can you think of to use this unbelievable technology? 

This product is a rather brilliant idea. By using two photos or drawing of the same person's face a 3D model can be rendered. This is great for someone who has lost a loved one or just to have a few moments of fun with. Creating a 3D rendering from a 2D image is awesome.
Jamie Mohammed
What I did not like about this product, is the extra downloads it seemed to require. I like simple and it was far from simple. It was not even from the original website and let you know that. The face identifier is pretty neat and would save time in the future.
Looxis Faceworx for Windows is an amazing software that allows you to create a Three dimension picture from two pictures taken from different positions
Looxis Faceworx is a dynamic software application that has the ability to take a face from two different photographs and angles and create a three dimensional entity. This software generates a 3D, realistic looking face in an efficient, advanced, and innovative manner. The only downfall of the software is that two symmetrical pictures of the face must be taken in order to create a three dimensional figure that is completely accurate.
Looxis Faceworx for Windows is an interesting freeware that enables the user obtain three dimensional representation off of a two dimensional image. My concerns are that the software has not been updated for a long time and has low ratings.
looxis faceworx for windows is free software. this provides 3d model for any face out for any two photos. this is capable to produce 3d models for any two different photos from different angles. one limitation is the lighting in the photos should be clear and all two photos should be from the front. here it is possible to export the files to OBJ files to use 3D models. overall a great software.
Looxis Faceworx for Windows is an amazing software that allows you create a Three dimension picture from two pictures taken from different positions
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