by Tomas Pettersson

Easy-to-use 3D Sculpting Software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tomas Pettersson

Release: Sculptris 1.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software from the creators of ZBrush is very easy to use 3D Sculpting program. A very simple interface and control set make it a breeze to use, and very easy to pick up and learn. Within minutes you'll be creating your first 3D sculpture, painting, and publishing it to share with your friends. Good for professional users, and amateurs, this software has something for people of every skill level.


  • Easy-to-use interface including toolbox and simple controls.
  • Compatible with ZBrush, Mesh, and Wavefront OBJ filetypes.
  • Create original content in minutes.
  • Quick help tips help you learn the software easily.

Whether you are a first time user or a seasoned veteran, this software will help you get started creating your own 3D sculptures in a flash. You'll be creating magical creatures and monsters in no time. Perfect for a creative mind to start exploring!

Easiest to use 3D sculpting software on the market.
Sculptris alpha6 (19.23 MB)
Sculptris 1.02 (3.06 MB)
Xavier Long
Sculptris is a simplified software that allows users to craft 3D sculptures with less effort. Unlike other modeling programs, Sculptris has an easy to use interface that doesn't require hours of tutorials or have a steep learning curve. In fact, the program is suitable for people of all skill levels when it comes to 3D modeling.
This is a very easy to use 3D sculpting program software. You can paint, sculpt, and publish your interactive artwork! This item is good for professionals and beginners. You can create original content in minutes and the quick help tips help you learn the software very easily! People are loving it. Download it ASAP to become an online artist!
Sculptris for Windows is a software that helps you to manage 3D digital sculpting. Sculptris for Windows is very convenient to create organic-looking objects, you start with a simple Sphere that you will be working with (like your clay), you have available more than seven brushes together with another set that go along with the different brushes, to use the brush you simply do it with the left mouse button. One of the features of this app is the symmetry option that allows every change that you do in each side of the Sphere will automatically replicate in the other side.
What I love about Sculptris is how seamless I find the process, going from a simple block or sphere to anything I can imagine! The fact that they have made my work shareable in 2 and 3 dimensions is really awesome!
Sculptris is a free 3D modeling application. You can use this to program without any previous technical Knowledge. You will start with a ball of clay in the middle of your screen. Your control options are to your left. This is a fun and easy way of getting familiar with sculpting/creating online.
I love using Sculptris for Windows because it's a program that makes it so fun to create my own models that are three dimensional. Best of all, I don't have a technical background at all and I'm still able to make full use of the application and create stunning models that look professional. Even though it produces high-quality outputs, it doesn't require much space on your device to run at all.
Sculptris for Windows is such a fun and interactive design tool to be able to experiment around with. Using Sculptris, you can play the role of a sculptor and design as many models as you wish out of digital clay. It's a really neat experience that gets your artistic juices flowing, and it's easy to save your designs and share them once you're done.
Sculptris is easily accessible for newbies to start 3D modeling. This software is great for an introduction to 3D modeling class since all students would be able to access the product without having to download it. It requires no installation at all, which is probably the best feature about it. Sculptris works intuitively in that you are able to morph a clay ball into exactly what you want it to be. There exists a toolbox in the software where users are able to change the ball into different materials and change the tool.
It is the 3D modelling application which is used for the users and the can be picked up and played by all the users without any technical knowledge needed in it. They are very safe and secure where all the operating systems supports this type of the programming languages in this format. This software has another advantages that exploits the model clay concept.
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