Cameraware Video Sender

The simple to use software allows you to broadcast live images from your webcam to fans all over the world securely!

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The CameraWare Video Sender allows you to broadcast your live Webcam images to people all over the world. The best part is you can let unlimited people watch your live video without the sacrifice of using up your own Internet bandwidth. All the images are sent to their high-speed server and then rebroadcasted to viewers around the world leaving you with nothing to world about, no fuss no mess, just you to focus what you need to do and broadcast! You can also view how many people are watching your feed and have a real-time update!

Everything is done offsite so all you need to do is configure your webcam to broadcast pictures with the easy to use software! Just follow the simple instructions on how to do so and you’ll be off to the races. Plus you have more custom features such as the ability to add many cameras as you want and to switch back and forth between them (for those professionals who always strive for the angle shots, it’s a must). The best part about this, it’s FREE to use and all the basic features that are mention here are included as free!


It's free and simple to use!
  • Broadcast your fans with simple to use software
  • The video feed is securely delivered to their server using their high-speed connection.
  • Your internet broadband connection is not compromised.

The CameraWare Video Sender is software that is made for people who want to broadcast to people all over the world without ever thinking about the unnecessary things such as hosting a broadcast server or ever dealing with bottlenecks in the connection. All of this is done for you leaving you with a peace of mind knowing that you can easily broadcast to people all around the world. It doesn’t have to be difficult to broadcast!

There is an option to host webinars with this application. Although there is already Skype, Zoom meetings, etc., in the market I think its a good initiative by this software as it provides the ability to add some cool features to your personal website too. And everything about this is free. I think that is what makes this interesting.
This is a good piece of software perfect for broadcasting webcam footage. Having tried it with my friend a few miles away, we have had no issues, lag, or latency. Alongside being free, I don't see why anyone wouldn't use it!
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