by Novel Games Limited

A puzzle game challenging users to strategically remove matchsticks to create squares

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Matchsticks 1.8.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Matchsticks is an intriguing puzzle-solving game that challenges your skills in solving tricky puzzles. The objective of the game is to remove a specific number of matchsticks to form a particular number of squares. While the rules of the game might seem simple to some, it can prove to be an engaging brain teaser that requires careful thinking and strategy.

Once the game begins, nine small squares made up of various matchsticks appear, and the first puzzle to be solved is displayed in the bottom left corner. The player must click to remove the necessary amount of matchsticks to form the specific number of squares indicated in the puzzle. Keep in mind, all overlapping squares and each matchstick must be a part of a square.

Features include:
  • Puzzle-solving by removing matchsticks to form squares
  • Counting of overlapping squares
  • Current puzzle display in the bottom left corner
  • Results indication in the top left corner once the puzzle is solved
  • Timer to track the time spent on each puzzle

Once the current puzzle is solved, the result is revealed in the top left corner. Beneath the dashboard, a timer tracks how much time you have spent solving the puzzle. Think carefully before making a move, as the matchsticks, once removed, cannot be replaced!

"Matchsticks sharpens problem-solving skills through engaging, strategic puzzle-solving challenges."

Therefore, Matchsticks is a game that stimulates the mind and sharpens problem-solving skills. Each level presents a new puzzle to solve, compelling the players to think creatively and strategically to succeed. If you're a fan of challenges and brain teasers, Matchsticks is the game software you need!

1. Operating system: Windows 7 and above or MacOS X 10.10 and above.
2. 1.8 GHz Processor.
3. 1 GB RAM.
4. 200 MB available hard disk space.

Challenges problem-solving skills with complex puzzles.
Tracks time for each puzzle, enhancing efficiency.
Interactive interface promotes strategic and creative thinking.

Removed matchsticks cannot be replaced, causing potential frustration.
Limited gameplay can become monotonous over time.
No hints or help features for tougher puzzles.
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