by Dan Hinsley

Tag moving picture films and movies

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dan Hinsley

Release: MetaX 2.68

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MetaX is an advanced piece of software that allows users to either manually or automatically tag movies in their movie collection. This is particularly useful to users who are big-time movie watchers and happen to have a huge movie collection.  The advanced algorithms in the software are intelligent enough to tag the movies by genre and other types of inputs that make them much easier to search later.  This is useful for movie and movie content management.  This type of software is not only useful for companies that manage movie libraries, but also to the common user who collects, stores. It keeps an active library of his or her favorite movies.  This software makes organizing those movies that much more comfortable, bringing a lot of value to the already crowded movie library management field. The software uses intelligent databases and intelligent database logistics to tag movies and stores them in the best place so that they can be searched and found later on under the queue.   The menus and overall layout of the software are made to be very accessible to all users. This means that it is designed with the end-user in mind, keeping menus simple, easy to understand.

The company behind MetaX has also made a huge effort into making a large database of help articles and tutorials available so that users can learn the ins and out of the software at their own pace or as needed.  This makes approaching the software that much easier for anyone with no experience using movie tagging and movie management systems.   The software does have some limitations which are glaring and could e improved upon in either future releases or patches to this release.  The software is only able to work with movies that have the format MP4, MV4, M4A, M4B, M4P, and MOV, which are somewhat limited.  They should be able to cover most movies, but some will be left out that use other more advanced formats.   This software only works on Windows, so users that have different operating systems will not be able to use it unless they find a way to migrate to windows or use a double-booting feature to run the software.  One key feature to also note is that the software is free of charge to use.


It helps the user organize a movie database with easy to search tags
  • free software for all users
  • easy to use with lots of demos and documentation
  • intelligent tagging of movies for movie management
MetaX is a really cool program that will let you tag your movie content in a professional way. If you are sharing your content through platforms like iTunes, you want it to look top-notch, and that's where MetaX steps in. MetaX will mine various sites specializing in movies and TV so you know you're getting the most accurate information for your tags.
MetaX can tag mp4 files and mkv and many more formats. Great software! User-friendly. MetaX allows you work in different ways, it has lots of preferences that makes it possible to adopt to different scenarios. The developer who did this marvelous work deserves a pat on his back. MetaX is Simple and Fast to Download. It Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions. It Is Fully compatible with Windows 10.
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