Metered Connection Control


Metered Connection Control is a software that allows users to limit the amount of internet data used by certain applications and devices.

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Metered Connection Control Software

Metered Connection Control Software is a powerful tool designed to manage and monitor your internet connection. It provides users with an easy to use interface for controlling and tracking the usage of their bandwidth. With Metered Connection Control Software, users can set limits on the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded from their connection and receive alerts when the limits are reached.

Metered Connection Control helps to reduce costs for users by limiting the amount of data that is transferred.

• Bandwidth Monitoring: Monitor your internet connection in real time and view detailed reports on your current usage.

• Bandwidth Limiting: Set hard limits on the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded from your connection.

• Alerts: Receive notifications when your connection reaches a certain threshold.

• Usage History: Track and review your past usage and identify trends in your usage patterns.

• Customizable Settings: Customize the settings to meet your specific needs.

• Easy to Use Interface: Intuitive and easy to use interface that makes it simple to manage and monitor your connection.

• Security: Secure your connection with password protection and encryption.

• Compatibility: Compatible with most major operating systems.

• Cost Effective: Affordable and cost effective solution for managing and monitoring your connection.

Metered Connection Control Software is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to monitor and manage their internet connection. With its easy to use interface, powerful features, and cost effective pricing, Metered Connection Control Software is the perfect solution for managing and tracking your internet usage.
The technical requirements for a Metered Connection Control software solution should include the following:

1. A secure and reliable back-end system that can support the software.
2. An intuitive user interface that can be easily used by end-users.
3. A system that can support multiple users in different locations.
4. A system that can track and monitor usage in real-time.
5. Ability to set quotas and usage thresholds.
6. Ability to generate reports and export data.
7. Automated notifications and alerts.
8. Ability to integrate with existing systems and networks.
9. A secure and reliable authentication and authorization system.
10. Compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices.
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Ryan H******e

Metered Connection Control software is a great tool for managing a network's data usage and costs. It allows administrators to set limits on data usage, and to easily monitor network traffic. The user interface is straightforward, making it easy to set up and use. I have found the software to be reliable, with no major issues. The reporting features are also helpful, allowing users to quickly view data usage and trends. The software integrates well with other network management software, allowing for seamless management. Overall, I have had a positive experience with this software.
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