by Stephen Griffin

To make it easier to check into Exchange and Outlook problems and to give developers a sample for MAPI development, MFCMAPI gives access to MAPI stores.

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There are many reasons you would wish to use MFCMAPI to conceal, relocate, or destroy a folder. For example, to re-hide a folder that shouldn't have been displayed in the first place (like the "News Feed" folder) or to conceal "special folders" for functions you do not use. In the uncommon event that one of the default Outlook folders becomes a subfolder of another default folder, such as the "Inbox" folder being listed under the "Deleted Items" folder, MFCMAPI also enables you to relocate the default Outlook folder back. Invisible folders can also be "revived" using the procedure in this article. When utilising a Search Folder or Instant Search, for example, these invisible folders still appear (even after rebuilding your Search Index), or you receive an error.

MFCMAPI is a sophisticated tool. Through a graphical user interface, it offers access to MAPI stores using Microsoft's public APIs. It is a free program that Stephen Griffin from Microsoft has released as open-source on GitHub.The concealing option is favoured over the removing method for default folders (RSS Feeds, Junk Email, Suggested Contacts, etc.). This facilitates restoration and decreases the likelihood that the folder will reappear or that Outlook will crash as a result of the missing folder (as the hidden folder is still accessible programmatically).

If you can't delete a folder via Outlook and you're quite certain you don't want it anymore, delete it via MFCMAPI. Unhiding a folder once more is quite easy.

AutoComplete cache backup and restore for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365

  • Utilize MFCMAPI to hide, relocate, or remove an Outlook folder.
  • Rename mailbox folders and email accounts.
  • Remove a stalled Browse Receipt.
  • Quick Steps for Backing Up and Restoring.
  • AutoComplete cache backup and restore for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365
  • Visit and for further MFCMAPI instructions.
  • IMAP folders that have been imported are inaccessible or devoid of material.
  • folders that you yourself made.
  • RSS Feeds directory (when you are not using the RSS feature)
  • Recommended Contacts Folder (if the option is deactivated)
  • Junk E-mail folder (when the filter is set to low and there are no identified blacklisted senders in the list)3
Ben Hignutt
MFCMAPI is a tool for Microsoft Outlook to allow users to explore, view, and modify the contents of their mailbox and other messaging stores. It is used by developers and administrators to debug and troubleshoot Outlook and Exchange issues, and provides the ability to save, copy, and delete mailbox items.
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