XPS Reader

by Audrey

To preview and read the content of XPS documents use XPS viewer software this expert tool's preview window shows the entire text and images that are included in the opened XPS file this utility does not require any plug-ins or add-ons to function

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Audrey

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Microsoft created the unique electronic paper format XPS to give you dependable and shared data. For printers, XPS, or XML paper specification provides high-performance printing. According to reports, XPS excels in high-fidelity output, improved color, and faster spooling and rendering. You might believe that this type of file is difficult to read and view because the files also give you enhanced protection for the information stored in them.

You can view and read XPS files with their basic information, like file name creation date and size using the XPS viewer tool (in KB). This programme also includes a sorting option that enables users to arrange the displayed data items according to the file name creation data and file size.

With the help of the program XPS viewer, you may convert XPS files into the more widely used and accessible PDF format in addition to opening them for viewing and printing. The program's simple user interface makes it very simple to load, read and convert XPS files there is a maximum viewing area due to the relatively modest size of the navigation buttons additionally, it offers two viewing options-flip, and scroll-that are helpful when dealing with particular kinds of content.

The variety of functions and tools that XPS viewer provides are not particularly impressive all document viewers should have the basic zoom and search features, and this is about it however it makes up for it with the conversion feature XPS files are typically used for billing, and other related tasks XPS viewer support BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMP in addition to only PDF conversion in this manner you may use it to export the data from the XPS documents and extract it for use in reports. Taking all of the aforementioned factors into account XPS viewer is unquestionably a useful and accessible option for viewing, printing, and converting XPS files.

Users of the free viewer XPS and OXPS data files. Users must simultaneously press the ctrl key and the scroll mouse ball to make this functionality available forensic investigators will find this capability to be very useful for in-depth analysis.


  • View and create PDF from XPS
  • Within the last six months, there have been no updates. 
  • The VirusTotal badge for the current version shows 0 flags.

The XPS viewer utility for windows has a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface. The software will immediately load the whole files with their content and without any data loss once the user clicks the folder icon that contains the XPS or OXPS files. The next step is for users to click on the file they want to explore.

XPS Reader for Windows saves so much time in my personal and business life. It saves a load of time by allowing me to search for specific tags on other pdf that I have saved. My favorite feature is that I can have full control over who can view, use, edit and share all of my pdf files. This is one of the products that I just can't live without now.
Muhammad W.
XPS Reader is a free software application from Microsoft that enables users to view and print XPS documents. It provides a simple, intuitive interface for viewing XPS documents, as well as advanced features for creating and editing XPS documents. It also supports printing XPS documents, as well as saving them in other formats such as PDF and HTML.
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