Microsoft DirectX Control Panel

Use the DirectX settings more efficiently

Operating system: Windows

Release: Microsoft DirectX Control Panel 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft DirectX Control Panel is a program that allows you to access the settings of DirectX directly from your control panel.  This greatly enhances the accessibility of DirectX properties, so you can adjust the video card settings with greater flexibility and mobility.  Once the program has been installed, you will notice that when you open your control panel there is a direct link that allows you to adjust your DirectX settings.  You'll be able to see and adjust the settings not just for DirectX, but also for DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectShow, DirectMusic, DirectInput, and Direct3D.  


  • Can be used to adjust both video and audio settings
  • Allows you to adjust a tremendous amount of settings from your control panel
  • Allows you to adjust settings from a different location
  • Takes up a mere 100KB or less on your computer

If you are using DirectX, you need Microsoft DirectX Control Panel for Windows to get the most out of your applications.  This will allow you to tweak a number of different settings and configurations on the go or from afar, without having to go to a tremendous amount of trouble.  You will simply open the link that will appear in your control panel and you will have access to adjust a huge variety of DirectX settings.  Best of all, Microsoft DirectX Control Panel for Windows is available as a freeware for both Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit systems.  This means you can download it entirely free and get started managing your DirectX applications with far better efficiency.  This is the perfect tool for heavy gamers who need to be able to adjust their video card settings with ease or from afar.  So if you are using DirectX, you need to download this free download of the DirectX Control Panel to open up the possibilities today.  You will have much more power at your fingertips once you do this.

Microsoft DirectX Control Panel uses under 100KB, so it takes up a minimal amount of resources on your machine.
Implementing this allows directrx to be accessed thru control panel. This allows video settings to be altered easily thru control panel. Can alter both video and audio sounds. Its free to use and allows for a bunch of manipulations at your fingertips. If your into games, this allows gamers to access and adjust for a better gameplay.
DirectX Control Panel is a freeware software app made by Microsoft for Windows. This software has become popular with many Microsoft users. It is 100% safe and secure claimed by Microsoft. you can access it through the control panel. It is made to make it easier to tweak settings for DirectX but can seem complicated to an average user at first.
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