Jasc Animation Shop

A free graphics-design app

Operating system: Windows

Release: Jasc Animation Shop 3.11

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is a graphics design application.  So let's say you have a website and you want to animate a couple things: a loading screen, a banner, a basic gif, etc.   Jasc is an easy and free way to do this.  You start with the image and you can generate professional-looking animations with relative ease.  You can download and try the software for free so there's no risk to begin playing around with it and see what it can do.  It's not necessarily going to meet every possible graphics design and animation need, but for basic uses and for free trial software it's something you may want to check out.  This software has also been around for a very long time, so while some of the interfaces do look old they should also be tried and true. 

Windows Vista, XP, and 7 8 and 10 are supported.  This program is popular for custom modifications within some specific gaming communities.  However, Jasc as a company is no longer operating, so your options for technical support may be limited to what can be found online talking with other users.  


Easiest way to animate images
  • Animating images
  • Image editing: cropping, modifying, erase, paint, etc.
  • Supports all standard image types including PNG, JPG GIF AVI FLC FLI
  • Most commonly used for GIFs but can be used for other purposes as well
  • View each frame in a GIF
  • Freeze frame and modify individual GIF frames
  • Pause and review GIFs
  • Works on modern versions of Windows, Windows 7 and later
  • See also Adobe Animate CC, a similar competitor
  • The effects menu includes image transition, transition length, frames per second, image effects, and text effects
  • Jasc Animation used to be bundled with Paint Shop Pro

Conclusion: might be worth checking out specifically if you need to animate small files.  

Sky Ha
The Guitar Rig app is very useful for users like me that need some extra sounds for my guitar. The program is very easy to use and has tons of functions that make it stand out from other applications. It will help you find that distinct sound you need.
This software product is perfect for any animator or individual who wants to create custom cartoons. From one or more graphic images a user is able to create an animation, and not only that but what I love about this is that it offers an array of animation effects to add and spice up your own creations. It is very high-quality, easy to use and has a wonderful look overall.
Leon Luong
My friend who graduated from my graphic design program I am currently in told me about this program and its amazing. This has worked better for me than programs I have paid a lot of money for. It does all the basics and much more easily. You learn as you go which is my favourite part.
Jasc Animation Shop for Windows is a graphic design Application. With Jasc Animation Shop for Windows you can animate pictures, in order to do it you need to open the app, click in the File section and select the option open, once you have done that you can search and select any picture you have in your PC and click the open button, after that a window with the selected pictured will be display in the main screen of the program, and if you need to add more pictures you just need to repeat the previous steps, after that you can select from the main menu the type of animation that you want, as well as the different effects options that you may prefer.
This software looks really professional and i wouldn't mind spending money on it! i love the diverse options available for me to use like the image effects and transitions, the software also looks simple to use and not very complicated with many options like other softwares i have tried.i have recommended this software to many of my relatives and friends and they loved it and thanked me so much.
This is a graphic design application that can be used to create content for social media, websites, flyers, and banners. This seems like a great animation software to use that is also professional at the same time. Since it also has professional image editing so it seems like a great all in one application. I rate it a 5/5 since it seems awesome.
Jasc Animation Shop for Windows is an awesome feature to have if you are into graphics and designs. The features of the product offer the ability to customize your designs and really make them stand out amongst others. Copying features and digital editing are also available with this product. Using Jasc Animation Shop for Windows has really made designing simple and easy. It is basically my go-to.
The Jasc animation shop for windows functions well beyond your normal simple program. The jasc animation shop will help users add different types of animation effects to not only pictures but also to banners and buttons. If you are a website designer who is looking to add sweet animation effects to the websites you are working on, this is the program for you. There are several professional image editing features such as color palates, eraser, crop, and still many many more. One of the best features the program's ability to export animations right into GIFs as well as AVI formats.
Jason animation shop for windows is a graphic design application which we can use to make banners ,graphic etc on your website.it is free and very easy to use. I really like this software. Really worth having it
Jasc Animation is a graphics design application made for editing and enhancing images. It is also an easy program to animate loading screens, banners and basic GIFs. It is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. Windows 7, 8, and 10 are also supported.
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