Microsoft Encarta

by Microsoft

An electronic encyclopedia that allows you to look up nearly anything!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: Microsoft Encarta 1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft Encarta is an excellent CD-ROM encyclopedia that covers nearly any topic you could think of or would want to know anything about! Since there is so much space on a CD-ROM, it contains not only more text than most traditional printed encyclopedias, but it also includes thousands of still images along with videos and audio files! You can easily use this program to look up facts about practically anything in the world!

There's no installation required as you can immediately run the program off of the CD-ROM. As soon as you launch the program, you are brought to a screen where you can search the encyclopedia in various ways, such as by text, by the author, by subject, or by multimedia content. Many articles that you can read contain links to other related articles within them.

Microsoft Encarta is incredibly easy to learn and requires no special skills other than being able to use a mouse and keyboard. You will be able to find information on all topics very quickly and easily. You will be amazed at how much content is available and just how deep this encyclopedia goes and how much additional content you will be able to find on every subject that you can think of!

Additionally, it lets you go on a virtual journey through many foreign countries through images. Those are so detailed that it really feels like you're in another place! And for some extra fun, it comes with a trivia game where you'll be exploring castles and answering questions by searching through the encyclopedia!

The current version of Microsoft Encarta is compatible with all versions of Windows from 7 on. It costs $99, which is completely worth it, given all of the information you will be getting and all of the hours of usage you will find!

Microsoft Encarta allows you to view images, watch videos, and hear audio all from the comfort of your home!

The Microsoft Encarta for Windows serves as an electronic encyclopedia. It contains tons of information on a variety of different tops and can be a useful source for anyone interested in learning about many different things. It definitely can provide answers to many different questions and is a useful source for doing so. It is an interesting and great service.
No longer relevant but back in the days, this was the Wikipedia of our generation. It had everything from history to 3D tours to pyramids! Right now is not as important to have since you have information is a more quick manner using Google Search
Microsoft Encarta for Windows was an excellent educational encyclopedia which was released by microsoft in 2003 and was discontinued in 2009. It was last available in the dvd format. It provided excellent information in the form of an digital encyclopedia for its users. The users had to pay for its subscription and it was considered to be very popular software during its times and used by a variety of people.
Using Microsoft Encarta for window has been a great tool for me to use while in school and at work. I enjoy this digital multimedia encyclopedia because it not only has useful articles but trivia games to work your brain. The photos anf homework tools are plus when writing essays. The music clips and video also help me decide if I should purchase songs for my playlist. Overall I fine Encarta a useful tool in my work and everyday life.
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