Microsoft Virtual PC

by Microsoft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Last revision: Last week

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Virtualization is an ultra-modern process that is gaining more and more supporters among PC users. There are definitely advantages to that. So, for example, you can feel the beauty of working with several virtual systems, while physically there is only one OS installed on your computer. Also, there is no doubt that virtual drives are much more convenient and faster to use than conventional ones. It often happens that the user needs several different operating systems to work. Of course, it is possible to install them on different hard drives, but it is financially expensive and quite inconvenient. A way out of this situation is to install Microsoft Virtual PC.

By downloading this software product, you will, in fact, get a second computer. By creating a PC analogue, Microsoft Virtual PC supports virtual and physical hard drives, drives, drives and peripheral devices (such as network cards). The program provides support for all operating systems of the Windows family, as well as earlier versions - MS-DOS, QNX. If you are interested in this program for gaming purposes, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft Virtual PC is not suitable for you. At least because it doesn't have the 3D accelerator needed for modern games. At most, what you can play on a virtual machine created using Microsoft Virtual PC is old games for DOS/Win 3.x/9x.

The app is ideal for those who simply want to try on a new operating system or test it. Microsoft Virtual PC will be of particular interest to developers and programmers. This easy-to-use program is easy and quick to install, easy to set up and easy to understand for users at any level.

- emulates multiple virtual operating systems on a single PC;

- makes it possible to test different operating systems;

- You can pause running systems and then save them all to your hard drive;

- creates a unique analogue of a personal computer;

- allows you to download add-ons;

- supports many operating systems, including MS-DOS.

Freddie (unverified)
This really does feel like a second computer! The performance is pretty good given that it creates virtual machines and can simulate all sorts of OSs and hardware. I no longer need to dual boot when I can just use one system and simulate the rest of the operating systems i need to game, test, and etc. Note: that gaming only capable for older generations, which I am fine with.
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