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Microsoft Disk Operating System) is an operating system for x86-based personal computers,

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MS DOS is a 16-bit operating system.

MS DOS is a simple 16-bit operating system. It stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. This system receives output data from the keyboard input and displays it in plain-text. In the earlier stages of this software, the initial use was to insert it into the computer via floppy disc when it was booting up on start-up, but with more advanced technologies, it is quick and easy to operate!
FreeDOS is parallel adequate with MS-DOS, which proposes that errands made for a restrictive structure will run successfully in an open framework. Besides, engineers have ported different GNU utilities working structures, for instance, vim editors known in Linux conditions, Lynx web program and others. There are two or three distributions to scrutinize, connecting from a full structure with a full course of action of utilities for all events to an unessential one, which fits on a standard floppy circle and incorporates a piece and a solicitation judge. In spite of its age, it can even now be utilized in explicit areas. For instance, it may be a pre-exhibited OS in new PCs, or it will when all is said in done be utilized in presented frameworks, comparatively as a stage for structure utilities basic for shooting chips on motherboards or plots cards. Similarly, Fri DOS is ideal for pushing outdated games in the 80-90s strikingly connected with the course of action of mechanical gatherings to constrain the speed of your PC.
MS DOS, which stands for Microsoft's Disk Operating System is an older operating system going back to the early eighties. As an operating system, it went through eight iterations until it's final one in the year 2000. Despite it's age it's an extremely flexible system and takes barely any space to load, making it unique to many modern systems around today.
the software product is an operating system developed in 1980 which paved way for more advanced operating systems. it was developed by one of the software giants, Microsoft Corporation, IBM. this is marked as one of the trendsetters or game-changer in the IT industry. Several competing similar products offering graphical user interface was developed soon after.
In the 1980s and early 1990s MS-DOS was the dominant operating system. It allowed you to have easy direct access to BIOS and calls and it ran on smaller systems that booted faster than the other window versions. MS-DOS allowed direct access to most hardware however MS-DOS offered no multitasking and no memory protection meaning no security which also meant less stability.
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