Mipko Personal Monitor

by ООО «Мипко»

A tracking software that helps you view what's going on in your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ООО «Мипко»

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mipko Personal Monitor is a keylogger with extended functionality. The main task of the program is to record the text entered from the keyboard. You can keep track of information that has been transmitted over the network, including ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, QIP, email, etc. Thanks to the fact that the data is recorded directly from the keyboard, you can view the user's correspondence regardless of the program in which he or she communicates.

Mipko Personal Monitor records the contents of the clipboard, which allows you to see what the user has copied. In addition, the program can take screenshots at regular intervals. When you see what was happening on your computer screen, you get a more complete picture of what the user was doing.

Additional functions of the keylogger are monitoring of visited sites and monitoring the launch and opening of programs. When you see the sites that the user visits, you will know where the traffic goes, as well as the interests of the user. Running programs can also tell you a lot about the user. Also, if you, for example, keep track of how much time your child spends on the computer, recording the computer's power on/off time will help.

Mipko Personal Monitor can be used for various purposes. As already mentioned, you can keep an eye on your children. Company executives can monitor the activities of their subordinates. A standard user can use the program as a tool to save data in case of system failures. All this makes this keylogger universal.

Mipko Personal Monitor logs which keys you press on the keyboard (a keylogger). It allows recording of keystrokes, regardless of which program is being utilized. It can also capture what information is copied to the clipboard, as well as knowing which programs and websites are frequently visited.
Provides a convenient, intuitive interface for tracking user activity on your computer. Limit the child's access to dubious resources is extremely difficult, and prohibit access to chats is almost impossible. Contains both video surveillance systems, hardware and software systems that combine the use of a simple video camera with the software. An effective system for monitoring. Can also monitor employee. Suitable for all Windows 7, XP, Windows NT.
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