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A free download manager. Download any files from many websites without hassle.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mipony

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mipony is a good download manager, which serves the purpose in an efficient way to access free hosting websites without hassle.


  • easy to access file-hosting sites and download, wait for the countdown and automatically start the downloading process.
  • can be used to access both paid accounts and free accounts on file-hosting sites.
  • Automatically restart download in any case the download fails.
  • it has a remote control feature.

Mipony is a very useful download manager that can save the time spent by users to access the free file hosting websites and download any number of files by the user without any need to visit the website directly. Free users can save their time and many mouse clicks before having their downloads.

Mipony has scheduling and remote feature.

The Mipony software works automatically when a file link to a supported file hosting site is clicked by the user. The software will start working on completing the download activity through its system to save the time spent by the user on the downloading process without any need to access the file hosting website. This can make downloading the files user wants in a more easy way.

It is recommended to install .NET Framework 4.6 or newer as some downloads may not work.

Mipony 1.6.4 (3.75 MB)
Mipony 2.0.0 (3.79 MB)
Mipony 2.0.1 (3.82 MB)
Mipony 2.0.2 (3.94 MB)
Mipony 2.0.3 (3.98 MB)
Mipony 2.0.5 (0.64 MB)
Mipony 2.1.0 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.1.1 (0.66 MB)
Mipony 2.1.3 (0.57 MB)
Mipony 2.1.4 (0.19 MB)
Mipony 2.2.0 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.2.1 (0.68 MB)
Mipony 2.2.2 (0.69 MB)
Mipony 2.2.4 (5.53 MB)
Mipony 2.3.0 (5.62 MB)
Mipony 2.3.1 (5.61 MB)
Mipony 2.3.2 (5.56 MB)
Mipony 2.3.3 (5.56 MB)
Mipony seems to be a proficient download manager available at no cost for multiple platforms such as windows, Android, Mac, and more. Your able to download many links from a website without actually having to visit them but just using mipony.
Mipony is a contemporary download manager that assists workers involved in frequently collecting larger files from remote locations. For example, it helps retail locations connect to their cloud-based databases that collect information from online orders. Mipony has been around for a while so it has the bugs worked out of it. When you look at the screens that are using you will find them familiar and easy to understand. It includes its own browser so it doesn't interfere with your other projects. Mypony allows you to monitor the downloaded files during their delivery It is an effective manager that monitors your bandwidth so that you can get your files both reliably and efficiently. The product is free and available for devices with different operating systems as well.
Kieran Lor
This has made uploading and downloading files to the cloud so much faster it was actually shocking. I am surprised there aren't more softwares like this because the way it works is genius. It has saved me hours over the past few months and as we know, time is money!
mipony is a download manager. it is specially designed to download automatically from free hosting websites like rapid share, mega upload,hot files, giga size,file factory, mediafire and netload. you can enjoy much comfort in this. when we download any file miphony will take care of everything.
Automate all your downloads with this Mipony for Windows. Fast and easy to use. Also has many comfortable features to go along with it.
Using internet always makes me to download things and for that i really needed something that allowed me to have download things automatically. It also has optimizing my connection option so no worries on that. Also it is soo easy to use that anyone can use it. like anyone. This software literally allows you to download anything at any format.
Mipony is a very useful app. It was the very newest interface and supports online video downloading. It contains more filters. Those are awesome and very nice to use. This download manager was very enjoyable and comfortable features. It did not provide inconvenience to the sites.
Mipony is an all in one download manager that has aided me tremendously in my daily activities by automatically beginning downloads of the files I am trying to obtain. Mipony also handles multiple downloads simultaneously with ease. I cannot stress enough how beneficial this software has been to my life. If you have experience using applications like Limewire, Mipony will be a breeze to pick up and begin using. It has many similar functionalities but, Mipony excels in many of the ways that Limewire did not. For instance, if I were downloading multiple files, Limewire would prioritize and often lose connection for certain files resulting in corrupted data. I have never had this issue with Mipony.
This software is pretty brilliant. The simplicity of the software is next to none. I love how easy the interface is to understand. The software does exactly what it needs to do without much hassle. I also love that I can decide on just how many downloads I can have downloading at once. Very convenient. It also seems to be a light software, because it doesn't slow my computer down much at all. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking for a download assistant type of software.
Mipony is a downloading manager that organizes downloads into a queue. It sounds like a great software to help you save time organizing what files to download, especially since there are so many accessible files available for download online through websites such as Meta or Rapidshare. One great feature about Mipony is that it can be put inside a web browser, allowing users to organize downloads as they browse through things to download. The software is also free, which is great and makes it accessible.
Mipony is the ultimate tool for every data hoarder out there. It provides the ability to automatically schedule download from many different services and applications such as YouTube, Bittorent, and many audio sources. No longer will you have to wait for one download to end to then have to set up the other. Mipony takes care of that by taking your download links and scheduling them one after the other automatically. A must for anyone who like to keep files offline.
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