ModLoader for Minecraft

by Minecraftdl

A program that allows users to mod MineCraft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Minecraftdl

Release: ModLoader for Minecraft 1.4.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This program is perfect for users that are heavily involved with Minecraft for Windows. It allows them a lot of control over how to play the game, and it allows them to mod the game much easier than before. The user needs to have some knowledge of how to mod before using this program, but learning is quite easy and overall would make the game much more unique to the person playing. The program is very simple to use, but it is a bit tricky to first install on your computer. This can easily be overcome due to the fact there are videos on youtube that show how it can be installed.

Once the program is installed, though, it allows the user much easier access on different mods for the game. The mods range from simple things to complex things, and it just really up to the user to change it up. This program is perfect for people that want to take more control in their gameplay and want to really add a new dynamic into their game. It is also very easy to find instructions on how to use this program online, and there are videos that show where to find mods for the game as well. Overall, this program is perfect for someone that wants to have more control over mods in the game. While the installation is a bit on the tricky side, it's worth the hassle if the user loves to use mods in their game. The best part of it all, the program is entirely free to download. 


A program that allows people to add mods to MineCraft.
  • Makes Modding the game very easy for the user
  • The simple interface allows quick and easy access while playing
  • The program is free to the public.
  • There are multiple instructions and how-to guides on the web and videos on youtube as well.
  • It allows the user to have a unique experience playing Minecraft.
I love using ModLoader for Minecraft for Windows because this program makes it really easy to play one of my favorite video games of all time, which is Minecraft. Once I have ModLoader installed, I can play Minecraft without needing any of the specialized technical knowledge I'd otherwise need in order to access the game's mods. The program's drag and drop feature also increases my convenience.
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