Moho Anime Studio

by Smith Micro Software,

An animation software for 3d and 3d animations.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Smith Micro Software,

Release: Moho Anime Studio

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41179

Moho studio is an all-in-one animation software that is made to make animating 3d and 2d animations easier. They allow basically full customization on your work which includes importing photos from other programs, and a full bone structure that you can use to make your animations as smooth and realistic as possible.


  • Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities
  • Bitmap Freehand Brush Tool
  • 3D Object Material Properties Support
  • Custom Bitmap Brush Creation

In conclusion, the Moho studio animation software is some of the most up-to-date and top of the line program for animation experts and aspiring artists alike. With advanced tools like Flexi-binding and adjustable particle physics creating realistic and good looking animation has never been so easy and so good looking. The tool that the Moho studio uses and utilities help make you're animating easier. With complete customization bit-mapping, it allows you to have more free customization on your work and allows you to complete your work to its finest. Moho can also help your workload with their window tools that allow you to work on multiple things at once. Also with GPU acceleration, Moho is one of the best and smoothest animation experiences you can have compared to other animation software.

They use modern tech with modern tools.

The requirements include; Windows  64 bit, 2ghz i3 or higher, 4 gbs of ram, 1.6 gb free hard drive space, and an OpenGL compatible graphics card. You can get Moho studio for $399.99, you can also try a 30 day free trial of the software to test it before you purchase the software. Moho studio also works on macs with similar requirements to the windows equalivent. Moho studios can also be registered on more than one device at a time, you can install it on three different computers, however, only one person can use the program at one time.

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