Mouse Trap

by Novel Games Limited

A strategy game where players trap a mouse by placing pillars on a hexagonal mat

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Mouse Trap 1.5.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Mouse Trap is an exciting puzzle game that challenges you to capture a cunning little mouse before it manages to escape. This game will help you hone your strategic skills and test your quick decision-making abilities by strategically placing pillars to trap the mouse.

In this game, a large area made up of hexagonal tiles houses a mouse at its center. Your role is to trap the mouse by placing pillars on the empty tiles. Take note that the mouse moves to an adjacent tile each time you place a pillar. The challenge, therefore, is to keep placing pillars until you manage to trap the mouse before it can leave the area.

  • Large game area made up of hexagonal tiles
  • Mouse moves to an adjacent tile each time a pillar is placed
  • Point deduction with each pillar placement
  • Score displayed in the top left corner of the screen

The player starts the game with a total of 20,000 points displayed in the top left corner of the screen. For each pillar placed on the board, the player loses 50 points. Thus, the game strategy must be well thought out to minimize point loss while capturing the mouse. Note that if the mouse manages to escape the game area, you lose the game. Therefore, Mouse Trap not only tests your quick decision-making abilities, but also your skills in anticipating the mouse's moves for an effective trap.

"Mouse Trap improves strategic thinking and quick decision-making skills through engaging and challenging gameplay."

Mouse Trap is a fun and challenging game that requires both thought and agility. Get ready to step into the shoes of a true strategist to capture this cunning mouse. Can you build an infallible trap?

System must support large game area consisting hexagonal tiles
Software must display current score in the top left corner
Must enable mouse and pillar movement on hexagonal tiles
System should deduct points with every pillar placement

Stimulates strategic thinking and quick decision-making.
Fun, challenging, and engaging gameplay.
Features a large, interactive game area.

Game can become repetitive over time.
Requires fast reactions, causing frustration.
High learning curve for beginners.
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