Mpp Viewer

by Vivek K

Mpp Viewer is an easy-to-use program for viewing, editing, and managing Microsoft Project (MPP) files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vivek K

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Mpp Viewer

Mpp Viewer is a powerful software application designed to make the process of viewing and editing Microsoft Project files easier and more efficient. With its comprehensive set of features, Mpp Viewer makes project management much simpler and more organized. It allows users to quickly view and edit project plans, track progress, and generate reports.

Mpp Viewer allows users to view Microsoft Project files without the need to purchase a full version of Microsoft Project.

• View and edit Microsoft Project plans
Mpp Viewer enables users to easily open, view, and edit Microsoft Project files. It supports all versions of Microsoft Project, from versions 4.0 to the latest version.

• Gantt Chart
The Gantt Chart feature allows users to quickly visualize their project plans, and make any necessary adjustments. They can also add new tasks, delete existing tasks, and move tasks around.

• Resource Management
The resource management feature lets users track resources and manage resource utilization. It provides detailed information about resource availability and utilization, and allows users to assign resources to tasks.

• Reports
Mpp Viewer provides a variety of reports that can be generated with just a few clicks. The reports include Gantt charts, resource utilization, and task progress.

• Customizable Interface
The user interface of Mpp Viewer is fully customizable, allowing users to customize the display to suit their needs. Users can customize the color scheme, font size, and layout of the interface.

• Collaboration
Mpp Viewer supports collaboration, allowing users to share project plans with other users. It also allows for real-time synchronization, so that changes made by one user are automatically applied to the project plan of another user.

• Security
Mpp Viewer provides a high level of security, ensuring that project plans and data remain secure. It uses secure encryption technology to protect data, and the user can set permissions to restrict access to certain users.


Mpp Viewer is a powerful software application designed to make the process of viewing and editing Microsoft Project files easier and more efficient. It provides a wide range of features, allowing users to quickly view and edit project plans, track progress, and generate reports. With its customizable interface, collaboration features, and security measures, Mpp Viewer is a great tool for managing projects.
Mpp Viewer software can be used on computers running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It requires a minimum of 512MB RAM, 40MB of hard disk space, and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The software also requires an active internet connection.
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Ethan Peraita

I have recently used Mpp Viewer software for a project. It has a clear and friendly user interface and allows me to view different project plans in a breeze. It has an integrated Gantt chart which displays data in an easy to read format. I appreciate that I can also customize the calendar display and zoom in/out of tasks. Furthermore, it allows me to share the project plan with other users with just a few clicks. The software is also very responsive and runs smoothly on my machine. Overall, I am very satisfied with Mpp Viewer software.
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Cole N******y

1. Mpp Viewer is an easy to use software which allows you to view and analyse project plans. 2. It has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to navigate through the features. 3. The software allows you to quickly identify issues within the project plan and zoom in on specific areas. 4. The software is also very responsive and can be used on multiple devices. 5. The software offers a variety of options for customising the view of the project
Max W*******s

MPP Viewer software has been a great help in managing my project, though it could have done with a few more customization options to make it more user friendly.
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