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Msvcp110.dll is a system file, the absence of which leads to a program or game startup error. That's probably the mistake that led you to us. On this page, we will look at a number of options to solve the problem.

Msvcp110.dll is a DLL library included into the runtime environment of Microsoft Visual C++ 2012. So the first thing you need to do in an attempt to recover this file is to reinstall this package. It's hard to find the cause of the file disappearance; most likely, the Visual C++ package was not updated to the 2012 version or it is not available in your system at all. If it is, you don't need to uninstall it before reinstalling it - just install the new version.

Various programs and games turn to this package of DLL-libraries for "help" in the form of standard functions and procedures. Older programs may use libraries from packages of versions 2008 or 2010. New programs are already written for new versions of Visual C++. Differences between versions are small, but sometimes the names and content of DLL libraries change, which leads to the need to update the package on your computer.

What if for some reason there is no way to update the package? You can try to add a file to the system folders manually. For this purpose it is necessary to download it from our site (we guarantee "cleanliness" of the given file, but DLL libraries are strongly subject to infection, therefore it is necessary to choose carefully sources of their loading), and to follow instructions which are resulted in a text file lying in archive together with Msvcp110.dll.

The MSVCP110.dll is a clean dll file for download. Are your files disappearing or you're getting a game start-up error? The Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 has had a number of updates- if your system missed an update, the Msvcp110 can help. These dll files are prone to infection, so its important to use a system file that is clean and resistant to infection!
Seems like this is not a fix all to the problem at hand and in fact might cause more problems later on if you were to use this product. Some reviews seem to indicate that this app might actually cause more problems for the user.
this is a part of microsoft visual c++ this is a program for programmers and IT expert people this fix problems for the people who are gamer, a good software for make my computer better and more fast, reduce the freezing momments during the game.
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