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Its fils are need by programms or web extentions

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Msvcr100.dll is a system file which is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable runtime environment. This environment is used to run many programs and is installed on the computer as a regular application. Gamers often experience problems with Msvcr100.dll when dealing with games written with standard Visual C++ library functions. Examples of messages that appear on the screen when the Msvcr100.dll file is missing can be seen in the screenshots on the right. There are two solutions to this problem, and we will start with a simpler and more reliable one.

Method 1: Reinstalling the Visual C++ runtime environment.

As you may have already guessed, you need to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. All the files that this package brings into the system will be restored and your games (or programs) will have to work without any problems. This approach is preferable because even if you restore one file, the same program may require other files from this package in the future.

Way 2. Manually upload and copy to system folders.

If, for some reason, you can't update the package, you can download Msvcr100.dll as a separate file from our website. In the archive with a DLL-file will be and instructions for its installation. For reference: DLLs were designed as a means of reducing the size of programs. In order not to describe all the typical procedures and functions in the program, they were unified and transferred to the DLL-libraries. Then whole packages of such libraries were created. That's why we have to install such modules as DirectX, .NET Framework, Visual C++ and others.

I am not a real good computer knowledge kind of guy and when I read the description of this download it worries me. If I was a gamer, like my son, I would want to download this patch file but I would be afraid to re-install the visual C++ 2010 because I have to much stuff loaded on my computer and I do not want to screw up anything. I am also not to confident with the instructions given for the re-install task of visual C++2010.
Msvcr100.dll is a system file which is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable runtime environment. This environment is used to run programs and is installed on the computer. There are problems with this system which include messages such as missing files. A DLL file is available for installation.
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