Multi-Page TIFF Editor

by adeo-imaging-oue

Used to edit, view, create the TIFF file.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: adeo-imaging-oue

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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 Multi-Page TIFF is a file that contains multiple tif files. Multi-page TIFF editor is used to creating, view and edit the TIFF files. This is also useful in viewing scanned documents like fax and business papers. You can create a multi-page TIFF PDF. You can also open the TIFF file Windows Photo Viewer.  You can also convert a pdf file with a high resolution. There are two main compression methods available in TIFF files. It is very easy to convert TIFF to PNG. But, TIFF files are better than PNG files. Apart from editing, viewing, and converting TIFF files, it supports reading and writing IPTC metadata. It is very easy to merge and split the TIFF files. There are simple steps for removing pictures from TIFF files.

TIFF files can save more pictures than JPEG and PNG. So, it is very useful to edit and create more files.  Lightroom can import up to 32bit TIFF file images.  An TIFF file can save photographic and graphical data. It is very important to edit the original file before the Software must be edited.    


  • Used to create, view, and edit the TIFF files.
  • Can merge and split easily.
  • Saves more images.
  • Contain high-resolution image.
  • Easy to convert as a PDF.
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