Network Monitor II

by Igor Bushin

Indispensable gadget for users who need to find out their current IP address

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Igor Bushin

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Network Monitor II is a small but extremely convenient gadget for Windows Vista / 7, designed for wired and wireless networks, showing the SSID, signal quality, internal and external IP addresses, while connecting to the Internet, as well as a graph of network connection.

With this small gadget, the user can easily monitor the download speed and download speed, as well as the overall use of the Internet connection. The program does not require any installed third-party applications for its full operation. The gadget has a rather pleasant user interface, the size of the window is completely changed. It is possible to save the settings to a user file. The program has two different modes of operation, supports color change for all graphic elements of the gadget, including the background color.

Network Monitor II will allow users to view information about their current Internet connection conveniently enough, directly on the desktop, and can be useful for monitoring any connection problems, including changes in download and download speeds.

- displays both the external and internal IP address of the computer;

- displays the connection speed, download speed and overall network usage;

- displays the total amount of information downloaded and uploaded, as well as bytes downloaded and loaded per session;

- supports wired and wireless network connections;

- the ability to customize the color of any graphical interface item;

- Automatic data update when changing information;

- save the traffic counters to an external file;

- can be switched between gateway and external IP.

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Network Monitor II allows users to monitor their internet activity, including the upload and download speeds, bytes downloaded per user session, internal and external ip address, wired and wireless networks, and a graph of network connections. It is able to do all of this without having to install any third party applications. It is convenient, and allows users to take control and monitor their internet activity.
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Great program for you network tools collection. Need to see who's on your network at home? you can scan and see all devices, as well as SSIDs, IP's and it works as a gadget on supported OSes. Supports both wired and wireless. Customization of interface is great! Also you can export the results!
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This useful tool allows you to download and use a quick link that shows realtime of internet access. It monitors incoming speed and any network traffic. So when internet is messing up or boots you off a site using this allows you to get quick data to figure out the problem.
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This is a small but effective gadget to monitor wireless internet connection. It seems user-friendly with easy-to-read displays. It also monitors other things like download speeds and connection issues. I think iris for small network (home) use but it does not specify the band. Sounds like a good yet small investment.
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A Windows widget called Network Monitor II gives you crucial details about the active network connection. Without installing additional network monitoring software, you may examine network activity and information about your IP address immediately on your desktop. You may alter the widget's size and the data that is presented thanks to its user-customizable interface. There are two basic styles available, but you may easily adjust each element's color to fit your desktop theme. With only one click, the default settings may be returned if you make a lot of changes but the outcome is not what you anticipated.
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Jack S********n

Network Monitor II is a Windows-based application designed to monitor, diagnose, and report on network performance and activity. It monitors a wide range of network elements, such as bandwidth usage, network connections, and server performance. Network Monitor II can also be used to detect and troubleshoot network issues, identify bandwidth hogs, and alert administrators to any potential security threats.
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Ryan I******t

Network Monitor II software is a great tool for analyzing networks. It provides detailed information about the network, including traffic and network usage. I found it really useful for troubleshooting and monitoring network performance. The interface is easy to navigate, with a simple layout. It is also fast and reliable. One of the best features of this software is the ability to capture packet data for analysis. This is really helpful for diagnosing network issues. The filtering options are also quite good. You can easily filter out traffic that is not relevant to the analysis. The graphing options are great too. You can create graphs to display network activity in real-time. This is a great way to monitor the performance of the network. Overall, I have been very impressed with Network Monitor II software. It is a great tool for monitoring and troubleshooting network performance.
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Liam R.

1. Network Monitor II is a great software for monitoring network traffic. 2. It provides detailed information about the data packets and their sources. 3. The UI is user friendly and has many customization options for the user. 4. It has a good set of filters and notifications for network issues. 5. The software runs reliably and is a great tool for troubleshooting.
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Aiden P******n

Network Monitor II is a great tool for network monitoring and troubleshooting, I've found it to be reliable and easy to use, except for a few minor bugs that can be annying somestimes.
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Fraser Allamby

This software is a monitoring tool that provides real-time information about network traffic and system performance. It displays various network parameters such as current upload and download speeds, total data transfer, and IP addresses. It also features customizable widgets and alerts for bandwidth and connection issues. Additionally, it supports multiple network adapters and can be minimized to the system tray for continuous monitoring.
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