Ninja Download Manafer

by Websecure Ltd.

A Windows program which enhances your download experience

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Websecure Ltd.

Release: Ninja Download Manafer 46

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ninja download manager for Windows is a robust download managing program. Also available on macOS, this program gives added control to downloads and comes with a variety of features.

 Ninja Download manager gives you added control over your files in a number of different and useful ways. Ninja Download manager allows you to pause downloads to finish at your convenience, and it also allows users to schedule your downloads for a more convenient time, which is especially useful if you are on a connection that gets bogged down at certain times of the day. With this download manager, you can also queue up a number of different downloads at once, easily add those downloads from existing lists, or by copying them to your clipboard.

Each individual file being downloaded through Ninja Download Manager has specific controls that will allow you to accelerate your downloads by downloading from multiple connections concurrently. This download acceleration can be controlled if you would like to limit the speeds or numbers of connections being made.

Files are downloaded lineally, allowing users to begin seamlessly playing their audio or video files while those files are still in the process of being downloaded to your computer, further speeding up the download process and cutting down wait times.

Ninja Download Manager will help you manage your passwords as well so you can keep track of your login information across multiple download sites without relying on additional programs. You are also allowed to connect via proxy servers for your downloads through this program.

Ninja Download manager for Windows has a clean and simple interface that is easy to understand, and links can be dragged and dropped for simple no-fuss downloads. The user interface is a dark theme that is clear and easy on the eyes.

Allows you to accelerate and manage downloads on your computer

  • Increase download speeds
  • Pause and downloads and resume them later
  • Queue up or schedule files to download when you're ready
  • Start enjoying the beginning of your audio/video files mid download
  • More control over the speeds and numbers of connections on your individual downloads
  • Includes a password manager
  • Supports proxy servers
  • Recognizes downloads in your clipboard
If you're looking for a way to increase your download speed then check out Ninja Download Manager for Windows. This program totally supercharges your downloads and also kickstarts downloads that are stuck so they can resume efficiently. The tool works by splicing the files that are being downloaded and then downloading each spliced file separately, giving you downloads that are not just quick but also reliable.
This software uses to enhance the download speed of the files added here to download. it has the feature of to pause and resume download. Downloads can be saved to our download list for downloading later
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