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No IP for windows processor online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vitalwerks Internet Solutions

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With the help of No-IP program you can use a very easy feature that will help other people to find you on the Internet absolutely free of charge. If you want to share MP3 files, put a Quake game server on your computer, or run any other Internet server, you need a domain name that will help other users find you. It is now very easy to do this with the help of the No-IP program. You only need to choose the name of the computer and with the help of the developers' service of this program the whole world will be able to learn about you.

No-IP is the best application in its class and can also handle dynamic IP addresses. In essence, it doesn't matter what kind of Internet connection you use, what address you have, or from what subnet. With the help of this program users will be able to easily visit the server installed on your computer, as instead of four sets of digits you can be found by an easily memorable domain name.

Get a name for your computer that is very easy to remember.

As a rule, the IP addresses that are assigned to a computer are very difficult to remember. You don't type "" in your browser to get to one of the most popular search engines, which is available for viewing at With this program, your computer will have a name, not just a numeric address. With this software you can have servers on your computer that will be as accessible as the largest websites on the Internet.

Make your location permanent

If each time you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned a dynamic IP address, then installing this program will help you to solve this problem. But that's not all, no matter where, when, to what provider and with what type of connection (Dial-up, DSL, high-speed cable connection or wireless connection) you will always have the same address in the form of your chosen name.

Ability to shorten your favorite URLs

If you want, you can shorten and simplify the links to your favorite websites. For example, the link "" can be turned into a simpler version of "" for free.

- The ability to automatically configure the network, which makes the installation process much faster;

- easy to use. The client downloads everything from hosts that are linked to your account. Just check the ones you want to update;

- the ability to use encrypted data. During the update, requests are encrypted to ensure data integrity;

- can work as an NT service. You do not need to restart your computer every time you start the client.

This is cool software for people who are spying someone.
This software seems very useful. It allows people to find you on the internet. I have trouble remembering my IP and I also switch locations frequently. With this software, people will be able to easily find me even if I change my location or my IP address.
With no ip for windows, I don't have to worry about my ip address. I installed it on my windows system and it checks my ip for me. It takes my dynamic ip address and makes it static. When my dynamic ip changes, I don't need to do anything. The software will update it for me. It's all doing this in the background. That's amazing stuff.
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