by Noggle AG

An application for instant, full-text cloud document search and digital library management.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Noggle AG

Release : Noggle 2.9.9

Antivirus check: passed

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Noggle is an innovative and instant document search application for your cloud storage. It is designed to dramatically simplify the way you browse through your cloud-stored files. With Noggle, searching for content becomes your main navigation interface, replacing complex folder navigation. This application goes beyond just document search; it also allows you to create your own private knowledge encyclopedias that can be shared with your colleagues.

Noggle users can access numerous features that enhance their document management experience. Notable features include digital library management routines, which optimize information and document organization in this era of dispersed file sharing. Moreover, Noggle provides a semantic associative document filtering and recommendation function that mirrors the way the human mind organizes information.

  • Full-text document search: Noggle enables you to instantly locate any document in the cloud.
  • Peer-to-peer library sharing: With Noggle, you can share your indexed libraries without disturbing the access rights of the original document content.
  • Unified search: Noggle consolidates search results from various sources, such as desktop locations, network file shares, emails, and cloud storage (e.g., Dropbox, SharePoint).
  • Preview and action: This app lets you preview your documents and take appropriate actions, irrespective of where they are stored.

Noggle also aims to bring people closer to the knowledge behind their work by introducing the latest technological standards to your workspace. In a nutshell, with Noggle, knowledge discovery becomes as easy as browsing the internet. It's an indispensable application for anyone who uses cloud storage for documents and wants to improve their access to and management of information.

Noggle dramatically simplifies browsing cloud-stored files, making knowledge discovery as easy as internet browsing.
1. Requires internet access for cloud storage search functionality.
2. Compatible with various file storage platforms like Dropbox, SharePoint.
3. Capability to manage peer-to-peer library sharing.
4. Support for semantic associative document filtering.

Simplifies browsing through cloud-stored files with search-based navigation.
Allows creation of private, shareable knowledge encyclopedias.
Offers semantic associative document filtering and recommendations.

Steep learning curve for non-tech savvy users.
Limited cloud storage service compatibility.
Occasionally slow search response times.
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Web Miner
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