Norton Power Eraser

by Symantec Corporation

Detect all computer viruses and unwanted programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Symantec Corporation

Release: Norton Power Eraser

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9950

Wow! The Norton Power Eraser is just what you might suspect - a powerful tool to find and destroy viruses that traditional software can't detect. I have been very pleased with it so far. The download is simple and there is an extensive tutorial page to walk you through how to install and use the program. You can also adjust even advanced settings to suite your needs of the program. I was worried at first because there is a warning that the software might try to delete safe computer programs that you actually use, but you can review the results of the scans and recommended actions before agreeing to the changes. I personally have never had a real program targeted for removal.


  • Basically free
  • Does not take up much space on your computer - doesn't affect computer start-up time
  • Completes scans fast and efficiently
  • Outsmarts tricky viruses, including those that look like legitimate downloads
  • Easy to use - automatically updates itself and makes fixes when the computer restarts
  • Not difficult to understand - green means good, red is bad, yellow is a warning
  • Clean user interface - not too many extra buttons¬†

Norton is a well known and trusted brand that has created an even more useful tool, the Norton Power Eraser, to protect your computer. The Power Eraser also works well in conjunction with my other anti-virus computer software. I feel like my computer is more secure and my web browsing has become safer. There is a large community of users so there are a lot of people to turn to if any questions or unknown situations arise. I have been able to customize this product to meet my needs and I recommend giving it a try! It really can rescue you from a potentially risky mis-click or convincing computer virus disguised as a free download. 

Roots out hard to find viruses that not every product can detect

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