PC Tools ThreatFire

An anti-malware software to hep protect information on your Windows computer.

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Threatfire is anti-malware software. This software helps to guard your computer and personal information from attackers, viruses and other malicious actions that may be directed at you as a target.


  • Threatfire starts working immediately. No time-consuming effort. Just download and go.
  • The built-in web-search application gives you additional peace of mind when browsing the web.
  • Advanced setup options to personalize what gets through and what gets burned.
  • Special RootKit scanner will browse your PC's most deep files for previously unnoticed malware.

PC Tools Threatfire for Windows is a good anti-malware program. With constant updates and features that the others have skimped on you can rest easy knowing your personal files are free from intrusion.

Threatfire does not standy idly and wait for things other software may miss. Threatfire actively monitors your computer's behavior for suspicious activity you may not notice.

Threatfire will only work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

As I browse the internet sometimes I might get some sort of virus or come across spyware across different webpages. But PC Tools ThreatFire has helped to save my butt multiple times already. The software is absoulutely free and is better in my opinion than other antivirus and protection software such as malwarebytes or mcafee which are expensive and has less features.
ThreatFire is a free download for Windows that protects your PC. It seems much different than any other antivirus software that I have seen in the past. The fact that it can detect a virus or malware immediately, even if it is a new virus, seems like the best feature. With so many new viruses being made everyday, this software seems like the best choice for detection and protection.
It is easy to use application designed to protect computer against malware. It is a behavioral-based antivirus solution. It also monitor for suspicious activity.
ThreatFire for windows works best on PC, This tool did not make my system slow like other antivirus software do, it provides best protection against unwanted virus and malware, it monitors suspicious activities and block them
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