Olly Debugger

by Oleh Yuschuk

A debugger that emphasizes binary code analysis

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oleh Yuschuk

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OllyDbg 2.0 is a User Space level debugger that has become very popular among users all over the world. Now there are a lot of plugins written for OllyDbg, so it is a pleasure to work with it. OllyDbg has good functionality that makes it suitable for solving various tasks and researching code of any complexity. The debugger interface is fully customizable: work window background, font color and size, illumination of certain assembly instructions and much more.


- The interface consists of program code windows, registers, stack, and memory dump. The background and font colors can be set to your liking. At the top of the quick access buttons to the main functions, and the most frequent operations.


- the list of functions used in the debugged program;

- the list of string variables found in the program;

- the list of handles of the program being debugged, such as: window, buttons, checkboxes, toolbars and others;

Breakpoints. It is possible to set several breakpoints (including simultaneous ones):

- on a particular function;

- to a specific address;

- to the Windows message;

- to read from memory;

- for a memory entry;

- to access memory (read and write);

- to a certain sequence of code instructions;

It is possible to specify specific conditions for breakpoints, for example, a certain value of the specified register and much more. The log file writing function is supported:

- values in the stack are accompanied by comments, which helps to understand function arguments more easily.


- when the code is executed step by step, before each instruction the debugger prompts the current value of memory addresses, which are being operated on.

Search for values in memory:

- supports searching for ASCII and Unicode strings, as well as hex values.

The code window:

- the program code is accompanied by comments such as function names, their arguments, variable values and others.

The Olly Debuggger is awesome. It does all the standard things you want in a debugger, but it adds some nice bonuses. It doesn't matter how complex the code is, you can still use it. I also love that you can customize it - I love things like that - especially that you can change the font. I always like being able to choose my own font, so that's a great feature.
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Olly Debugger is a free debugging program for Windows. The debugging program was created by Oleh Yuschuk, and it offers many different features. Olly Debugger enables users to input different commands, use breakpoints, code trace, and many other features to maximize efficiency. At a free price point, this program is unbeatable.
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