Open Hardware Monitor

by Michael Moller

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Michael Moller

Last revision: Last week

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Open Hardware Monitor is a free utility that collects data from sensors installed on various system components. The collected data is displayed in a single tree view list.

The program will tell the user about the current, minimum and maximum fixed temperatures of the CPU cores (separately), GPU, motherboard bridges and hard disk surface. Open Hardware Monitor also collects data about the load on the various components, cores, voltages, cooler speeds and the percentage of free space occupied by the drives installed in the system. The program works with almost all existing iron models and displays brief technical information about each installed component.

If desired, any section of the tree list can be minimized or "hidden" forever. The program allows you to change the order of objects in the list and rename them as you wish (we do not recommend using the Cyrillic alphabet). The Open Hardware Monitor window is freely scalable and minimizes into a notification panel.

The actual values are updated in real time, and their collection at the start of the program takes a few seconds. The program has open source code and does not require installation. The developer actively supports Open Hardware Monitor by regularly releasing updates with new hardware support.

- collects data on temperatures, frequencies, voltages and loads on system components;

- displays columns with current, minimum and maximum values;

- allows you to export the collected information to a TXT file;

- has open source code and does not require installation;

- Supports virtually all existing models of sensors installed on motherboards, CPUs, GPUs and HDDs;

- is completely free.

Tyler (unverified)
Open Hardware Monitor is a free software that collects data about your computer. This software keeps track of your computer's CPU cores, GPU, motherboard bridges, and hard disk drive. These are all of the main components of a computer, which is why it is important to have a software like Open Hardware Monitor installed on your computer to ensure the monitoring and proper functioning of your computer.
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