by Inspiredorange

A network system monitoring tool that tracks various activity on network based applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Inspiredorange

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OrangeNettrace is a downloadable application that can be used to track the activity on any network-based application.  It can allow you to look at upload and download speeds, look at CPU levels, and also can track memory, system, and general properties on the network.  This includes bandwidth limits on websites you visit.  This data can be viewed in real-time or you can look back into a log and view this data in an organized chart based on day, month, or year.  This product is designed for a multitude of people but was designed with web developers in mind as they can use this tool to help monitor traffic to and from their website.  It allows the user to track response times of various aspects of the webpage, such as how long the server takes to respond to a request and how long it takes for the page to process the data until its visible in the application.  It has easy functionality and shows up as a frame or window that can be customized to size and re-positioned wherever you would like it to be on the screen.  Along with being able to place the screen where you would like, the application can be made to stay on top of other windows as well.  Another function of the application is the ability to customize the user interface color schemes to whatever you would like.  And no need to minimize the application, as it becomes transparent if inactive over a period of time.  

Allows a user to monitor downloads, uploads, traffic, and other various network markers.

  • Accesses current download and upload speeds.
  • Can be broken down into day, month, and yearly statistical data.
  • Easy to use customizable user interface. 
  • Able to users across all versions of Windows.
  • Able to check any network card, whether on the internet or looking at any other local network.
OrangeNettrace for Windows is software used for network monitoring, this application informs you about your internet traffic and CPU.
This network monitoring tool gives you information about your Internet traffic and CPU usage. It provides many different features like current download and upload speeds, current CPU usage, traffic reports and average data. The Monthly and yearly statistics gives you an overview of the performance of your network. The intelligent easy to use GUI is a plus. The application is scalable. I would recommend users to try out the application.
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