Omni-NFS Dual Gateway

by Xlink

Transforms any Windows machines into a NFS Server to empower UNIX clients to get to the Windows assets

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Xlink

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Omni-NFS Dual Gateway for Windows transforms any Windows machine into a NFS Server to empower UNIX clients to get to the Windows assets (counting Hard Drive, CD-ROM, and printers) that have been traded for distant NFS clients

The Omni-NFS Dual Gateway innovation depends on XLink's established NFS Client and NFS Server bundles. With coordinated and upgraded usefulness of the two items, XLink firmly incorporates Omni-NFS Dual Gateway into the Windows NT Server climate. XLink's Dual Gateway likewise acquires the various different applications previously found on the NFS Enterprise and NFS Server programming By working consistently with the Windows Network Neighborhood and Explorer, Dual Gateway permits the client to get to mount focuses at numerous levels which grants incredible adaptability for clients to sends out secure document frameworks. Throughput is augmented with the full backing of NFS, Microsoft OPLocking (Opportunistic Locking) Cache plot.

Omni-NFS Server upholds Unlimited Client Access and transforms any Windows machine into an NFS Server to empower Unix clients to get to the Windows assets (counting Hard Drive, CD-ROM, and printers) that have been sent out for distant NFS clients. Highlights included are the NFS server and LPD. Omni-NFS Server upholds outsider Port Mapper, DOS-To-UNIX record design transformation, TCP convention for network association, cross-area document sharing, and nom de plume naming for sent out registry

Omni-series programming is a bunch of program items that use NFS convention for Windows Unix frameworks network. The following points are shown in this part: About Omni-Series Software portrays the Omni-Series programming and records a portion of the highlights. Omni-Series Packages records every one of the bundles accessible in the Omni-Series programming family. Extra Information portrays where extra data can be found. Shows utilized in this User s Guide portray the shows utilized all through this Guide alongside whatever other presumptions that ought to be noted by the Omni-Series programming clients. About Omni-Series The Omni-Series programming furnishes you with simple and productive instruments to work and deal with your organizational climate. A wide assortment of utilizations is intended to utilize existing assets by carrying out record and print sharing inside your organization. Omni-Series programming works related to Microsoft s TCP/IP. It is a blend of complete NFS and network-related applications, which change your PC into a completely useful NFS client/server.

Omni-NFS Dual Gateway for Windows Known for its unwavering quality and usability, Intel Corporation supports Omni-NFS Server to each of its clients to assist with breaking the hole among Unixs and PCs.

  • Make replication points of information by checking byte-level change with block-level CDP
  • Replication of data set, non-information base documents, and powerfully created vault records
  • Replication in bi-directional as well as one-to-many, many-to-one, and numerous to many plans
  • Perform constant information replication while MS SQL administration running in Active/Active mode
  • All out adaptability on the number of frameworks tie in the bunching

1. All-out adaptability on the number of frameworks tie in the bunching.

2. Brought together design from the Primary Master station and Give layout design to IIS web servers and SQL servers.

3. Upholds Multiple Windows and Single Window for Microsoft Windows chief and far off windows supervisors.

NFS is a secure software for windows. it have the powerful features. It is included with the FTP server. The application includes two factor authentication. the main market is support Microsoft OPLocking. The software that support multiple drive letter assignment. On the market that is available only bidirectional. It will supports WebNFS. The connectivity of NFS will control both windows and UNIX
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