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Create intricate 360 panoramas and virtual tours

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Garden Gnome Software

Release: Pano2VR 6.0.2

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Last revision: Last week

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Pano2VR is an intricate piece of imaging software that has full 360 view capabilities. It allows real estate professionals to create and publish panoramic images for their virtual tours and presentations, which opens up a new way of selling locales and actual state to these professionals.  It does this by stitching together images taken on the spot and creating a fully immersed image that the users can view at all angles.  It allows for virtual tours, which can have up to hundreds of nodes per location, bringing the locale to life like no other piece of software before has been able to do.   

Some of the main features that Pano2VR has included: The software is easy enough to use that user able to obtain full panoramic imagines within minutes. This ease of access is a much better selling point than competing software packages.  The software can create full tours by allowing the user to upload more than one node at a time. This makes any locale come to life as the creator can put many images nearby to create a full picture of the location being featured.  The software also allows for audio and video to be merged with the 360 panoramas. These features further improve the now well-known panorama experience. Lastly, the projection can easily be changed between spherical and rectangular, depending on the needs of the content creator. This feature is essential because users viewing the panorama on different hardware (laptops, phones, VR sets) will require different inputs to be able to enjoy the experience as much as possible. You can also contribute to google street view by uploading your panoramas to a particular location.

In conclusion, this piece of software is excellent for professional-level panorama and virtual tour generation. 

It can actually remove the tripod from the panorama, which is a unique feature.
Jesse Atkins
Pano2VR is an amazing piece of software, it enables me to create awesome full panoramic images. It's super easy to use and enables me to upload more than one node at a time. Audio and video can be merged with full 360 degree panoramas! It's fantastic. I suggest this software to anyone and anyone that does this sort of thing as a professional or otherwise. Have fun!
Steven Paskowitz
This piece of software was allows users to witness 360 degree capabilities. This product is specifically denied for real estate professionals. This is a great product that has enhanced my real estate practice. I could not work without it now!
I have searched at google and what I found from this software made mi feel curious about it so I decided to download and test it personally. I watched the basic tutorial so I can say that this software is amazing. You can see any image at any angle. Also, you can label any any particular place inside de image. I have searched at google and what I found from this software made mi feel curious about it so I decided to download it and test it personally. I watched the basic tutorial so I can say that this software is amazing. You can rotate the image at any angle. Also, you can label and named any particular place inside the image. I would recommend such piece of software
Pano2VR is a great way to build your own virtual tour. There is an immense amount of various different tools that are offered for the customization of your tour. I really like that I have the option to level images, this is not something that can be done with google street view. I can easily find tutorials online so learning to use was relatively simple. I really recommend this software.
This is a virtual tour software that allows people to have a panoramic or some sort of 360 photo or video in the comfort of their own living room. This virtual tour is great for people who don't want to leave their homes but need to see a manufacturing plant of some sort. This is something a lot of apartment companies do as well when people want to see a lot of rooms or floors. Overall this is a great piece of software and it definitely serves its purpose.
Geolocation is a new feature with Pano. The geolocation process is something that can make it much easier to set up a floor plan. You can now anchor and center photos much easier with Pano. The map element has been improved, and you can find a lot of options due to the detailed nature of a floor plan and the accuracy of a map. Mapping out plans is going to become so much easier. The thumbnail menu gives you a lot of different options when it comes to developing photos for a home improvement project for example. Pano can be very helpful for home improvement projects.
This is a well-developed mature, feature-rich, software selection, with good customer support available to users. So, what is it? Pano2VR for Windows. What does it do? Users can enjoy a sensory-drenching, 3-D, 360 degree tour , virtual tour of their panoramic photos, or turn them into a Quicktime or Flash video. Options abound with this software. Users can add sound, skins, even a handy pop-up map that lets viewers see where the original pics were snapped and from which direction. The final project can be viewed with or without virtual reality augmentation equipment. See and share it with a desktop device, a laptop or a mobile unit.
Pano2vR is a software program that helps you convert a panorama or 360 video or photo slide into a virtual reality experience. You can even enhance your photos or videos to include interactive features, to fully immerse yourself in your capture. Using Pano2VR is almost like capturing an experience in and of itself, and is a great way to present everything from artwork, property for sale, business presentations, ect. The possibilities never end. Make a memory an everlasting experience.
The Pano2VR is an interesting product that is a "powerful" virtual tour software able to convert panoramic or 360 photos into an interactive experience. The software is very useful if you want to improve your images and enhance the experience by actually feeling like your there in person. For example if you wanted to see a tour of your college the Pano2VR can help by building a virtual tour that actually makes you feel like your their in person. Especially with COVID19 around the software is beneficial to give more to the user without them leaving their house.
Pano2R is software that takes your panoramic or 360 pictures or videos and turns them into an interactive tour. This is perfect for Real estate agents during this covid pandemic, to point of all the best features of a home. The person taking the virtual tour can navigate room to room without having to go to a house show.
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