Virtual DJ

by Atomix Productions

One of the most well known DJ products on the internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Atomix Productions

Release: Virtual DJ 8.3.4787

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91002

Virtual DJ is an amazing software that allows you to basically become a DJ online. It has millions of downloads and is the most widely known and acknowledged software on the market. Even professionals have used this software just because of how versatile it is compared to getting your own setup going.

Virtual DJ is a great way to replace your CD players or turntables with online virtual software that provides a very clean and fresh interface.

It lets you mix your songs, allowing for multiple new track combinations and really gives you the same feeling you'd have if you were mixing songs with your own turntable. You can adjust the speed of the songs, as well as loop, crossfade, scratch, and set recall cues. It allows you to organize a collection of many samples and tracks you put together in a nice and tidy way. You can also filter out the most popular songs, or the least used songs that you see fit.

It's used daily by professional DJ's and it's easy to pickup and learn.

Virtual DJ also not only plays audio tracks but will play video tracks as well. Making it very useful for practice for live performances and on the screenplay.

Another nice feature is if you love to go to karaoke you can do so right at your own house with no hassle, Virtual DJ literally does it all. My favorite feature is the fact that it has a wide array of effects to choose from to help your mixes really stand out. It has the traditional flanger, echo, beat grid, slicer, fade, and loop-roll along with many other effects you can use at your disposal.

Virtual DJ is also compatible with any plug and play DJ controller that exists on the market, making it easy to transfer what you have on screen into a reality on your own turntable. Overall I would definitely recommend this number one rated product for all your DJ needs!

Aaron Yates (unverified)
Virtual DJ is a software for Windows 7 and greater that allows you to become an online DJ by emulating a physical DJ setup. Functionality includes crossfade, speed, loop, scratch, and recall cue. It can organize collections of samples as well as filter popular and unpopular songs. It plays video and audio tracks allowing for audiovisual presentation. It has the functionality of a conventional DJ setup with flanger, beat grid, echo, slicer, fade, and loop-roll. Virtual DJ is compatible with any plug and play DJ controller on the market making it possible to use your creations on a physical turntable DJ setup.
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