PDF Merge Tool

by Darren Wurf

Combine and secure multiple PDFs into a single file while preserving data integrity on Mac.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Darren Wurf

Release : PDF Merge Tool 21.7

Antivirus check: passed

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The PDF Merge Tool for Mac by MacSonik is an efficient and near-perfect software that allows you to quickly merge fragmented or small-sized PDF files while preserving data integrity. To save time, users can take advantage of the 'Add Folder' feature to upload an entire folder of multiple PDF files to the tool. With this feature, you can merge all the PDF files within the folder in one go. MacSonik's PDF Conversion tool for Mac is entirely safe and secure software. It admits no errors and is a virus-free utility. The algorithm of this software is designed to ensure maximum data security for the user.

  • Merging PDF files: The tool enables quick and efficient merging of fragmented or small-sized PDF files.
  • Maximum compatibility: The tool is widely compatible and works with all major versions of Apple Mac, including the latest Catalina version. It supports all versions of PDF files generated by various Adobe readers.
  • Maintaining data integrity: The software's algorithm is designed to ensure maximum user data security.
  • Merging password-protected PDF files: The tool can merge locked and password-protected PDF files. However, users need to input an existing user password to do this.
  • Choice of saving location: It includes a useful feature for setting a specific location on your Mac to save the merged PDF file output.

Beyond that, this tool assists users in merging PDF files with all their attachments. Users can also opt to save their attachments separately, preventing any potential mishandling of attachments. It also allows you to designate a location on your Mac where you wish to save the merged PDF file, making the search for the resulting file a breeze and a time-saver. Plus, you can choose a location that suits your needs best.

This PDF merging software for Mac is available in a free trial version. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the software's functionality and user interface. The only limitation of the trial version is that it can merge PDF files on Mac with a watermark.

The main benefit of using the PDF Merge Tool is its ability to quickly and securely merge multiple PDF files while preserving data integrity.
MacOS operating system, including the latest Catalina version
Storage space for software installation and saved files
Adobe reader compatibility for various versions of PDF files
Access rights to input user password for locked PDF files

Preserves data integrity while merging PDFs.
Enables merging password-protected files.
Choice of specific saving location.

Limited functionality in the trial version with watermark.
Doesn't offer any splitting or editing features.
Requires user passwords for merging protected PDFs.
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