Peg Solitaire

by Novel Games Limited

Enjoy an engaging chessboard game where you strategically remove pegs until one remains

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Peg Solitaire 1.5.1

Antivirus check: passed

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The Peg Solitaire software presents a delightful reinvention of a traditional board game, delivering an engaging and intricate challenge that stimulates intellect and logic. In this game, users are tasked with removing pieces from the board until only one remains. The gaming board presents a cross shape, laden with numerous pegs, with an empty space in the center.

Users can select a peg and make it jump over an adjacent peg, either horizontally or vertically, to land in the vacant space next to the jumped peg, which is subsequently removed from the board. Each move requires strategic thinking and anticipation of future moves. The ultimate goal is to leave only one peg standing on the game board.

  • Intuitive interface: The game design is simple and straightforward, allowing users of all ages to play with ease.
  • Peg counter: The software displays the number of pegs that have been removed from the game board, allowing the user to track their progress.
  • Timer: A time counter is available to keep track of the user's time spent solving the game board.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: The software offers various levels of difficulty to challenge user's skills and keep their interest piqued.

The Peg Solitaire software is more than just a game - it's a challenge for logical and strategic thinking. Each move must be carefully considered and every decision can impact the game's outcome. With its user-friendly interface and multiple difficulty levels, this software provides a stimulating and enriching gaming experience.

"Peg Solitaire software enhances strategic thinking skills through engaging and challenging gameplay."
OS: Windows 7 or greater
RAM: 1GB or greater
Storage: 100MB of free disk space
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card

Offers multiple difficulty levels for diverse challenges.
User-friendly intuitive interface facilitates gameplay.
Displays peg count and time, aiding strategy planning.

No option to undo or redo moves.
Doesn’t offer multiplayer mode.
Limited customization options for game board.
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