by Raxco Software

Provides optimization for disk drives

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Raxco Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PerfectDisk Pro is a powerful program for defragmenting your files on your hard drive. Possesses practically all functions necessary for qualitative defragmentation. In addition to simple defragmentation of files, it can optimize their location on the disk depending on the frequency of use. It is possible to defragment files at the stage of operating system booting and also works with MFT, system and locked files.

Besides local disks, PerfectDisk Pro can serve and network, and, in this case, the scheduler and profiles of network planning of defragmentation can be used. All the work is fully logged. Supports work with RAID and has the ability to auto-update via the Internet.

- simplicity and ease of use;

- high speed of operation;

- is certified by Microsoft as a means of defragmentation in Windows;

- works quickly and efficiently with highly fragmented partitions;

- SMARTPlacement is a patented file allocation strategy to optimize their use;

- Technology to optimize and restore free disk space;

- Possibility to automate the work with the help of a powerful and flexible scheduler;

- unique Resource Saver technology that speeds up operations;

- Defragmentation of files and free space in one pass;

- intellectual interaction with the screen saver;

- it is possible to start the defragmentation process if there is only 5% free space on the partition;

- the ability to manually set defragmentation thresholds;

- defragments MFT, swap file and NTFS metadata;

- detailed fragmentation statistics for ALL files;

- the ability to defragment individual files;

- ensures the complete security of your system;

- Power Management (relevant for laptops);

- full integration with Group Policy and Administrative Templates;

- Ability to install without user interface (administrator console);

- auto-updating via the Internet;

- full command line support for local and remote actions;

- low system resource consumption;

- Possibility of defragmentation of VMWare virtual machine disks;

- Automatic defragmentation of drives with StealthPatrol technology and many other features.

If you're looking for a way to supercharge the performance of Windows hard drive, then check out PerfectDisk for Windows. This program lets you work more efficiently and ensures that your gaming experience is as smooth as possible. It achieves these aims by cutting back on the CPU that gets used by your hard drive and reducing use of other resources too.
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