by BlueSprig

A PC cleaning system that helps remove the malicious content

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BlueSprig

Release: JetClean

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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this product is meant to be downloaded for the purpose of cleaning up your slow and dysfunctional pc. During times of heavy or unmoderated use, you may find your computer running slower than usual, forcing popup alerts, misfunctioning during routine activities such as web browsing. this product helps you rid your computer of malicious content without you having to do it yourself. this makes sure that a thorough clean is done correctly. 


  • This product keeps a client from having to do their own cleaning and maintaining of their pc, which makes sure that people who aren't exactly computer savvy will have a good experience. 
  • This highly effective program takes up minimal hard drive space, which leaves you more space for the things you love, like pictures and videos. 
  • The cleaning of the personal computer is going to allow the operating system to run better and smoother. Not only will this lead to a better personal computing experience, but it will directly lead to the longevity of the user's computer. 
  • The program won't miss any malicious content, no matter how deeply rooted in the operating system the virus is. this allows the user to have the carefree experience of using a personal computer without having to worry about their computer and information is at risk. 

This personal computer maintenance system is meant for those who want peace of mind while doing their daily tasks and recreational fun. When a user has peace of mind, the world becomes much less dangerous feeling, and the idea of using a computer or internet browsing devices seems much less intimidating to someone who may be unfamiliar with what is and is not a threat to someone's computer and personal information. Why wouldn't you want a product that can completely scan and clean your pc in a single use? This product is for everyone and is practically essential. 

fast and powerful system that helps the functionality of the pc
JetClean 1.0 (2.75 MB)
JetClean (2.91 MB)
JetClean 2.0 beta (2.91 MB)
Daniela Beltz
JetClean is a personal PC maintenance and cleaning software that removes malicious content from any PC while the user is browsing the Internet or performing daily computer tasks. JetClean will clean a PC very thoroughly without the user needing to worry about anything. This provides the user with peace of mind as well as greater enjoyment.
With my computer running slower I searched the internet to clean it up and found JetClean for Windows. JetClean immediately cleaned and tuned up my computer with just one click cleaning up temp files, old DNS cache, memory dumps and unnecessary things I never new existed. It made my computer much more responsive and freed up a lot of extra space on my hard drive. After using JetClean, my system boots up much faster and all my programs almost immediately open. Online videos run much smoother now and my overall online experience has greatly improved!
Dylan Gallagher
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Software to clean junk files in the system - supports many windows and systems (windows , 32-bit & 64 bit). this software also available in 26 languages including major languages
With JetClean for Windows, you get a solution for all that junk hanging around on your computer's memory. Why is it worth using? From the outset there is one great plus, it is FREE. Not just FREE but USEFUL. It is easy to download, install, and use programs. What you get is something to clean your computer's directories like a hygienist does your teeth. Why is that good? Because afterward, everything runs faster and more smoothly and even the start-up is quicker!
This app is the easiest way to clean up your laptop. With one click you can clean up the files that you no longer want or need. It is a fast process and will speed up your PC in the long run. Your computer will also be able to start faster and update faster with this program. It is reliable and easy to use.
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