IntelliType Pro

by microsoft

A way to customize certain features on your Microsoft keyboard

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: microsoft

Release: IntelliType Pro 7.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4979

IntelliType Pro software works with your computer to help customize your individual needs. All of your multimedia buttons can be redefined, even the Caps and Number Lock functions can be changed. IntelliType Pro is a freeware software that is only available for Windows or PC users, otherwise, it operates without any restrictions. They even offer a similar program IntelliPoint for your mouse if you wish to customize that as well. This software allows you to disable keys that you often hit accidentally, or reassign keys to open a certain program, file, or webpage. IntelliType Pro even offers you the chance to customize key assignments to certain applications. For example, if you often hit the Caps Lock by accident while typing in Microsoft Word, you can use IntelliType Pro to disable that function while you are currently typing. Bring functionality back into your life by using IntelliType Pro to enhance your Microsoft experience now. 


  • Automatically detects your keyboard model. If you have more than one keyboard IntelliType Pro can set each keyboard to its own settings.
  • Disable Caps and Number Lock.
  • Key definitions can be assigned to individual applications. 
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Free and easy to use.

Not only is IntelliTypePro highly reviewed amongst all of its users, but it is also 100% free to use. Cut your work in half, but adjusting key assignments to your own personal needs. If you have more than one keyboard set up, IntelliType Pro can set each keyboard to have its own settings. Reduce unessisary clicking by reassigning your functions to best suit you, or disable certain keys that you commonly mistrike. They even can set certain applications to run their own keyboard functions. Your possibilities of customization are unlimited. Since IntelliTypePro main focus is customer satisfaction they offer automatic software updates as well as opportunities to participate in their customer experience improvement program. 

Automatically detects your keyboard model

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