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PingMe is an app that allows users to use a temporary phone number to sign up for other applications.

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PingMe is a great new app for users all over the world. This app allows you to log in freely and create an account. PingMe offers disposable phone numbers that allow you to text unsafe numbers. Also, you get to enjoy texting from your PC web to any mobile device. 

PingMe is available for users to download for the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Android Download. It is shown that the top five countries that use PingMe are India, the United States, Canada, Bangladesh, and China. Though this app is free to download, only some countries get the text for free function of the app. Those countries are Canada and the United States. 

PingMe offers another great service that helps you collect PingMe credits for calling. By inviting friends to the app through your own link, you can register your friend, and successfully you and your friend will both get $0.2 in free credits. You can access this feature by clicking the My category in the app and then selecting invite a friend. 

The app's website details some websites that allow your new phone number through PingMe to be used. Those apps include; Fantaun, Happn, Steam, iHerb, Soul, and Huobi. The app has detailed instructions that help you bypass certain things you might incounter when trying to link to each of these apps from PingMe.

After reading all the different things offered through PingME, I would give the app a 7/10. This being because I have not personally used the app myself. Everything always sounds good until you experience it yourself first hand. I am currently not looking for a new phone number but would reccomend the app to others who are. Great mothly rates and free texting? Who wouldn't like a deal like that? 

PingMe is free to use and allows users to text locally and internationally.

  • Local and long-distance calling
  • Free texting 
  • Has disposable numbers
  • Allows social media links to sync to 
  • cheap monthly rate for calling as low $2.49 a month in US

Website has a developmental chart from 2020 that shows how the company has grown since the start with a percentage based chart. 

sending free text message is one of the reason PingMe is the best. with 500 free sms monthly. this is one if a kind. amazingly PIngme is available on Laptop. another amazing feature is just 5 dollars charges after exhausting the 500 free sms, this is very good for both individual and business.