Pinnacle Game Profiler

by PowerUp Software

Simulates a Keyboard and Mouse with a Video Game Controller

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PowerUp Software

Release: Pinnacle Game Profiler 6.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pinnacle Game Profiler ( For Windows ) is a software that simulates a Keyboard and Mouse with a Video Game Controller. It allows us to customize the controller to be able to play with any video game controller. It is handy on desktop and laptop computers, which are compatible with any video game controllers. Also, it works great with games that have complicated controls or have a learning curve with the controllers. You will be able to use your existing game controller to play the game. 


  • Pinnacle Game is free and available for download on the internet.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows making it portable across different machines.
  • Compatible with all game controllers ( XBOX, Playstation, etc.)
  • Complete keyboard and mouse are simulated, allowing us to even use windows using the controller.
  • Pinnacle Update feature does an auto-update of the software and also updates the game profiles to keep everything in sync.
  • Once a game is started, Pinnacle Game Profiler auto-detects it game profiles are auto-applied.
  • You can customize by creating your own game commands, automated macros, and keyboard hotkeys.
  • The user interface is really good and easy to use. It allows users to follow onscreen commands to create User Profiles easily.
  • It also allows users to create and design ImageGuide to help you when you are assigning the game commands. 
  • Joystick option can also be set up on the software. 
  • A 'shift' key can be assigned in the controller, so we have the option to double to a number of commands.
  • Two separate triggering events, i.e., pressed and released, provide complete control over the controller.
  • You can create two commands 'toggle' and 'cycling' which alternate each time they are used.

These are just a few features of the software. It is much more powerful and versatile and allows us complete control over the game controls.

Using the software, any game can be played using any game controller
Ivan Sullivan
Where to begin? It's a well known issue of being unable to connect the joystick to any modern day pc gaming system. With the Pinnacle Game Profiler, I am now able to be able to easily game without any issues. Thank you Pinnacle Game Profiler - completely changed the game.
The Pinnacle Game Profiler enables the user to emulate any game controller (ex: gamepad, keyboard, joystick, etc) for every video game, even if it’s a little overwhelming for the user.
This can support more games and controllers than other software. Amazingly it supports PC games for your joystick, gamepad. It will support maximum devices like Xbox One controller, PlayStation 4, NVIDIA shield, Logitech Rumblepad2, etc. And it controls 3rd arty apps while you're gaming like push-to-talk, video capture. An excellent multimedia design profile to control Home theatre PCs, Microsoft Windows.
Mason Strand
Pimmacle Game Profiler for Windows is a perfect program for someone that wants to have a program that allows you to use a virtual controller with multiple games on your computer. It has a free trial that the user can use, to decide whether or not it is right for the user.
If you love playing video games, you should definitely check out Pinnacle Game Profiler. This software program will make the games you love compatible with any kind of game controller you can imagine. It's already configured for a number of game titles and gamepads that you love. That makes the program very simple to use. You can easily install new games by just pointing at those games and then clicking on them.
I love the Pinnacle Game Profiler, since it's a program that lets me use any game controller I want to play any video game I wish. The Pinnacle Game Profiler is already configured for the leading games and game pads that are on the market, so it's pretty painless to set it up and get started. All you need to do is point and click in order to install any new games that come out or reflect new software updates.
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