Plants vs. Zombies Game Of The Year Edition

by PopCap Games

An exciting, fun strategy game for all ages!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PopCap Games

Release: Plants vs. Zombies Game Of The Year Edition

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular games of this century, with millions of players all across the world. Developed by PopCap Games and released in 2009, this complete edition contains all of the Plants vs. Zombies content that you will ever need. That's right, all extra downloadable content is provided for free in this complete package. Providing hours upon hours of gameplay, there is endless replayability. The value of this package is simply off the charts!

As Plants vs. Zombies started as a mobile game, this edition is optimized for PC play and supports mouse and keyboard. Defend yourself from zombie hordes in this exciting tower defense game that will have you on the edge of your seat! Control your plants to defend yourself from these hungry creatures! You'll need to think quickly on your feet and use specialty plants like cherry bombs and peashooters to fend off the terrifying horde. Face obstacles that provide more challenges like the bright sun and blocking fog that change up gameplay tactics.

This game can be approached in many different ways depending on the mission specifics and preferred playstyle. Figure out your favorite way to play and get to complete levels! Also, enjoy the original soundtrack scored by Laura Shigahara. You'll be sure to be bopping your head along to the infectious tunes. Another cool feature is that you can remote play from your PC to your phone or tablet. That's right, feel like taking your Plants vs. Zombies on the go? It's totally doable! Play any of the five-game modes: Adventure, Mini-games, Puzzles, Survival, and Zen Garden! Adventure mode contains 50 levels to complete in varying locations, times of day, and weather patterns. Fight 26 different zombie types and collect info to add to the almanac.

Visit Crazy Dave's shop to buy items and put your coins to use. Unlock all the achievements to show your online friends your Plants vs. Zombies prowess!

System requirements include needing Windows XP, Vista, 7, or later. 1.2GHZ processor is needed along with at least 1GB of RAM. Video memory is 128mb or better to support 32-bit color quality. DirectX 8 or later is required to run this title. The hard drive space needed is 65mb. Read further reviews from real users to see for yourself all the fun you could be having!

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