by Claudio Lanconelli

Supports programming needed for windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Claudio Lanconelli

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PonyProg is a programmer (or, more precisely, its software part) that is able to perform operations of writing and reading data from ROMs and microcontroller programs. It is necessary to use it, in the overwhelming majority of cases, with the physical device-programmer which has received the big popularity because of the low price and simplicity in use. In addition, it supports many different EEPROMs and can be connected to a computer via a COM port. It works with AVR ISP, DT-006 AVR, EasyI2C and Ludipipo hardware interfaces, and supports permanent memory devices with serial access.

The principle of PonyProg operation is based on changing byte values in the firmware code and programming FUSE bits. It is very often used to "hack" car stereos and some very old mobile phones. However, the scope of the programmer's application is not limited here. PonyProg is especially popular with ink cartridge printer owners. The fact is that because of the high cost of new cartridges in the "people" it is customary to fill the old ink, the most saving a huge amount of money. The problem is that many printer manufacturers add security to their devices that prevents them from reusing an ink cartridge that has run out of ink. The "unsuitable" information is recorded in the firmware of the cartridge. So, with the help of PonyProg it is possible to make changes in this very firmware, thereby making the printer "think" that it works with a completely new cartridge. It's done in an elementary way and takes just a few seconds.

- working with a "physical" programmer;

- Outdated but very clear interface (fully translated into Russian);

- Support for EasyI2C, JDM/Ludipipo, AVR ISP and DT-006 AVR interfaces;

- operation with permanent storage devices with sequential access;

- hacking into many models of car stereos, old mobile phones and ink cartridges;

- Connection to a computer via COM port.

PonyProg sounds like a very useful bit of software that allows emulation of various different input and output devices. Its ability to manipulate firmware code is very beneficial for all sorts of products that make use of firmware. Definitely something for the technical minded.
PonyProg for Windows is an ideal software choice because of the reasonable price and its ability to work on many interfaces. The logo is simple and the download seems easy to use. Not for someone who isn't tech savvy as it does use multiple EEPROMs and it might be a bit tricky to understand if you're not used to this.
This application brings all essential tools and serial device programmer needs to run a successful programming project it has a minimalistic that iterfaced well structured capable. And its handy programs toolbox that hides really well its very useful program inside. It is a perfect tool box which all have been used in this software. also it servers starter kits for designing pic and avc microcontrollers. plus its vvery simple and easy to use that.
PonyProg is a programmer based on some simple interfaces for the PC and a user friendly GUI
PonyProg for Windows is a device programmer that is elegant and packs a lot of power. It is a serial device programmer software with a GUI intended to please the user. As a function, the software reads and writes serial devices. Examples of these serial devices that PonyProg serves are eeproms and microcontrollers. It is rather fast and of very good quality. The best part is that the software is free.
The version 3.0 is working and displayed properly with win10 64 bit. Its simply best open source software. Very useful and fast software .Am using this software for more than one year Its more user friendly and very supportive for Operating systems. Its a top quality application. This features looks something more innovation. This can be used for personal and office use windows using operating systems
It is a perfect app box or toolkit for both beginners and professional serial device programmers. The program comes with a well-designed GUI.
it serves starter packs for planning pic and avc microcontrollers. furthermore its very basic and simple to utilize that
I've always been a fan of open source software and projects like PonyProg are the reason why. It is easy to use and rock solid. PonyProg is serial device programmer software which has a user friendly GUI and as we all know that can make all the difference in the world. It can write to every serial device. If this even sounds familiar to you then I suggest you download it pronto. It has done me wonders.
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