by Colin Mackie

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Colin Mackie

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42093

WinAuth is a program that you can use instead of a mobile authenticator for Steam, Google,, Microsoft, Guild Wars 2, Glyph/Trion and other accounts. Such authenticators are used to protect accounts from hacking and to confirm some internal transactions (such as placing items on the Steam trading floor). For those who have multiple accounts in the above services but only have one portable device on which to install the authenticator, this program is particularly useful. It allows you to quickly switch between accounts and receive the latest confirmation codes.

WinAuth is a completely free solution and has open source code. To add new accounts, the program provides separate step-by-step wizards tailored to the features and functionality of specific services. For example, for, WinAuth provides the ability to recover data from an account using a serial key and recovery key. For each added account, you can specify a title, a note, and even find a suitable icon.

The program is a rather popular solution, which inspires trust among users and does not steal personal data (the program code can be read by anyone). However, use this application only at your own risk and only if absolutely necessary.

- can be used instead of the standard Google Authenticator, Steam, and other services;

- allows you to bind several accounts for one service;

- Includes a convenient wizard for adding accounts;

- is able to confirm internal transactions such as transactions on the Steam trading floor;

- is a portable solution and has open source code.

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