by Safing

Open source cross-platform network activity monitor.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Safing

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Last revision: Last week

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Portmaster is a free download and install an application that allows you to have control over who has access to your private information. They have a great basic setup for you just to download, install and run, but they understand that some people want more than that. With all the features they support within their application such as being able to monitor all network activity, auto-block trackers & malware, secure your DNS, and even set your own rules on a per-app basis, you can rest assured that your information will be protected. 

With Portmaster, open source code is important so they can maintain transparency with the end user, allowing them to see exactly what is going on behind the scenes. After all, what is good surveillance if you aren't able to see what is happening and document it? 

By now, I am sure you are wondering what the catch is. "How can something this great be free?" Portmaster has a goal to first provide local privacy for free to everyone. Providing this service to everyone shows them how important it is that people protect their online information. This is where Portmaster will gladly show you how to take it a step further with powerful VPNs. These do cost money but they reinvest all earnings into their products to make all their products better. 

I believe Portmaster is a great product for any user. They have it covered for someone who has never heard of a VPN to someone who writes their own source code. Being able to download and run it using their default settings to tweaking every setting to exactly what you want. I personally take it a step further and use a VPN, and after seeing what Portmaster has created, I could still find a use for their application in my everyday online use. 

Peace of Mind for online privacy

  • Being able to monitor all network activity
  • Auto-block trackers & malware
  • Secure your DNS
  • Create your own rules
  • Control privacy settings on a per-app basis
  • Explore documents and source code


A free and open-sources application firewall called portmaster handles the labor-intensive work for you. Regain control over your computer's network behaviour and privacy. Nowadays, a lot of applications need the internet to provide you a better user experience. Regrettably. modern operataing systems like Windows pre-install extra functionality that a significant portion of users cannot turn off. Safing's portmaster, an open-source network traffic control tool, can aid in this situation by limiting internet access to programmes you do not require on your computer. Users are welcomed with a sidebar and a three-pane presenting all the required information through an easy-to-use interface when the software first launches. The application shows a summary of Network Monitor activities in the main window,
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Portmaster is a network management application designed to help network administrators manage their ports and connections more effectively. It can be used to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot ports and connections on a network. It also provides features such as port security, port forwarding, and port monitoring.